Hello world!

Hello world indeed lol! I sort of feel as I need to confess something though before I begin…something like, yeah hello world, I’m a product junkie and I need help;-)

But..wait, do I really need help?  Or do I need an outlet to vent my frustrations and admirations for all the loves and products and people devoted to the whole curly hair phenomenon!!!

Ahhh…yes. That’s it.  I’ve been a curly/natural head for over seven years now and it wasn’t until recently that my product obsessed gene kicked into full gear.  And as I’m sure many people can also atest….it builds… and builds…and feeds on your love of curl. But see, it’s a new year and apparently we’re in a recession and I would be doing myself SUCH  a diservice by purchasing and hauling in products by the armful every week. And by the way, that is quite easy considering I live in New York City and this city is pretty much the MECA for all things product, whether it’s for hair, body and I’d even venture to say food (one of my other many LUVS!!)

But eh…I wanted to keep this short cause I do digress when it comes to long posts of any kind even my own, so hereuntotherefore….I will vent here and dispell my luvs, past and present, as they relate to product product PRODUCT!! I already have a wagon full of gunk that I can talk about to fill a trilogy, and I will gladly go back and review those.  I will consider this a good thing because most of those tubs of gunk are most likly half full and haven’t seen fresh air in several months. 

My goal in the ’09 is basically to rid the current stash of hair products (some body products as well), all the things deemed harmful to the curl…a.k.a those bad harsh oils and cones talked about and admonished on so many blogs and forums.  I want to do this for the benefit of my hair as well as the benefit of my finances;-)

But anywho…short and sweet, laterz!

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