The Process

curlToday is Friday! Yeah, another end to a pretty hectic work week.  The first week back after the new year is always abit….flamboyant for lack of a better word.  Everyone is adjusting from being away from the office for so long, digging into their New Year’s resolutions…perhaps even a tad grumpy from lack of calories due to diet…! It’s good though because it went by pretty quick and semi-painless.

Friday for me also means the start of ‘the process’! A small event where I rush home in time to eat dinner before I’m able to wash, condition and style my hair for the coming week.  It falls primarily on a Friday because I have a second job on Saturdays and Sundays are my ‘me’ time….whether I choose to watch television the whole day or chill with a friend or two.

So today I’m hauling ass straight home once the clock strikes 5ish, maybe stop by Ricky’s beforehand to see what’s new, then proceed.  Because I managed to trim my hair last week, this go-round I’m hoping the process is a bit easier, as far as detangling and conditioning might go.  I was thinking of clarifying my hair tonight though to fully give my hair a fresh start after the trim…? Dunno yet…I’d have to dig around to find  if I still have a clarifying shampoo that I could use. 

A couple of months ago I picked up the trader joe’s nourish spa clarifying shampoo and loved it! Tried not to use too much though because it does leave your hair with a stripped feel.  I deep conditioned last week with organix coconut milk conditioner for about an hour and found that it left my hair beautifully soft and manageable.  Nice!coco

But the bottle was so small I managed to finish it in two weeks! So I might pick up some on the way home or try something new:-).  I haven’t pre-poo’d in a while so that might be tacked onto the list…Mmmm…we’ll see! It’s Friday after all, possibilities are a good thing!


2 Comments to “The Process”

  1. I’ve tried the Organix shampoo and conditioner. LOVE it!!!!

  2. It is good stuff, I’ve made the conditioner my absolute staple going forward! Whether it’s for a deep condition or simply a regular quick one, it makes my hair soooo soft!

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