Holy Shea Grail

Lately,shea_butter especially due to colder temperatures here in NYC I’ve taken to using the tried and true, old staple, Shea Butter!

The winter months typically leave my skin EXTREMELY dry and often times cracked from severe lack of moisture, so this year I decided to smarten up and invest in some shea.  This go-round I moisturized my skin with a mix I put together some months ago (will post mix proportions later).

Because Shea Butter acts as a natural barrier against harsh winds and colder temperatures, I especially take care to moisturize the ends of my hair, the edges around my scalp, and the crown of my hair (all areas for me that are prone to severe dryness during the winter).  Ironically though, I opt to use PURE shea, nothing added or mixed in when moisturizing my hair, mostly because shea does have a tendency to build up on the hair shaft.  PURE UNREFINED SHEA IS THE BOMB…lol!  Nothing added, nothing taken away.

I purchase my stash at this great wholesale store here in BK, NYC called Medina.  It’s an incredible resource for all things natural at more than affordable prices.  This year I even decided to make my parents their own mix of shea butter cremes with different scents (their collection of uncut oils is out of sight!).

The one thing that I certainly do want to try is making my own lip balm!! Maybe try mixing in different colors , scents and sparkles! I’m such a kid when it comes to mixing things but heck, if it’s saving me money I’m all for it!!



2 Comments to “Holy Shea Grail”

  1. I’d be lost this winter without my shea. This is definitely an all-in-one product for me (hair and skin). Shea butter mixes so well with everything. Have fun.

    • I agree! I introduced my mother to shea this past holiday and she smothered it over her feet, legs and elbows…lol! I ended up leaving my stash with her and making some more to send.. It’s such a versitile product that I’d be lost without for sure…

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