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Nu Yawk!

Nu Yawk!

It’s snowing today here in NYC, a beautiful thing if you’re home huddled under the covers and your fridge and cabinets are stocked with your favorite goodies…yum! So with zero reason to set food outside until the start of the work week Monday,  I decided to evoke a clearance raid on my host of conditioners, those that work, and weed out the ones that don’t, and boy, I really didn’t have far to stretch! 


For me it was again discouraging to find a product I’d purchased in the past, used it, then later on down the line realize it was my own lack of knowledge that led me to buy it in the first place.  

Over the summer I delved into this whole ‘everything that has coconut milk in it is the best darn thing out there!’ But…eh…live and learn I guess.

coconut Alba’s Coconut Milk Extra-Rich Hair Conditioner had promise but always failed to deliver when I used it on two or three occasions last summer, and the reason was discovered today.  While the enriching properties are no doubt coconut milk, a bit of aloe and tropical oils, the seventh ingredient from the top is Dimethicone, one of the cones I’ve traced back to many products that left my hair dry and stringy after three-day old hair.  The smell of this is…my god it’s as if you stepped onto the island of Barbados! And, shame…I’m sure that was what sealed the deal for me.  Who doesn’t want their hair smelling like their fantasy getaway, especially during the summer!

So while the smell effectively wooed me, it’s a shame that we have to part ways because of it’s damaging gunk. No doubt it’s thick, rich, uses 100% vegetarian ingredients…but  it has virtually no slip or detangling properties…perhaps it works best on 1a-3a hair…? Dunno.  Basically what it claims to do it didn’t for my hair, which is moisturize the crap out of my 3c-4a hair! C’est la vie!

But alas, when you live and learn you get new conditioner! And I did three weeks ago when I found a Jojoba based conditioner I thought would be great as a co-wash.

jojoMillCreek Botanicals has a great line of conditioners with nourishing properties made to repair and strengthen hair! Most conditioners that do claim to repair, renew, and strengthen often times carry protein, and indeed most of their conditioners do, so protein sensitive curly-heads might sway away from this one or perhaps use it as a monthly deep condition.  

The second ingredient is Jojoba Oil, a HUGE plus in my column, and everything after that is sweetness including the organic aloe vera gel, vitamins & organic essential oils! The consistency is thick & rich, hardly any slip, BUT oddly enough I had no problem detangling with my wide-toothed comb! An added bonus was surprisingly the price…@ $6.99, a good thing for my budget, which also makes me eager to try the Aloe Vera Conditioner along with the Henna shampoo:-) 

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