Cool Find!

Yesterday after work, I schlepped through the snow to the nearest Trader Joe’s to stock up on the essentials, completely got lost while inside because, well, they’d rearranged everything while I wasn’t looking (the grilled chicken strips were where the frozen mangos were…etc.)

So while lost near the coffee grinding station, I found something I’d say quite useful!



Basically I never used to believe the ‘ol propaganda about regular towels causing curls friction and frizz after shampooing and styling, but… WOW! I was made into a believer when I dared myself to try these special towels on my hair, soaking up excess water section by section before applying my regular leave-in conditioner. ¬†The towels significantly cut down on frizz & did what it promised, lifting the water and nothing else up off my hair. They are machine washable & dry in the blink of an eye.

I guess you can say it was the kind of thing where you go…why didn’t I think of this before!

Mmmm…baby steps;-)


One Comment to “Cool Find!”

  1. That sounds great. Will have to try.

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