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todoThis past Thursday I did a whacky thing and bought a pocket organizer. With the new year I definitely needed one, but was reluctant at first because last year’s organizer had blue and black marks in only six out of the twelve months.  Shame really.  Every year I try to keep myself more organized, schedule in time with those that I haven’t seen or spoken to in a good while, or even just for the sake of my sanity keep track of the everyday ins and outs of life.  I’d be a pretty powerful superwoman if I could remember everything that happened in my day…

…But like they say New Year, New You!  No need to start over really, but just push ahead with new goals, new ideas, new passions…seriously just try to be the better you, the you you were meant to be in all facets of your life.  

So organizer. CHECK! And thanks to one of my favorite blogs on tresses and cute little finds, I’ve got my healthy hair to-do list all squared away!


Here’s an awesome list of to-do’s for the new year from

Since it’s 2009, here are 9 things you can do to improve the health of your hair for the New Year…

  1. Stop over-processing your hair, fall back on the chemicals like dyes and relaxers.  They can really ruin your hair.
  2. Cut back on the Heat.  If you’re using the flat iron every week, try cutting back to every other week or perhaps once a month.  Try alternatives to get the straight look like wraps, roller sets, and low watt hot air brushes (do no use a boar bristle attachment… that’s bad… look for the plastic bristles). 
  3. Shampoo your scalp not your hair.  If you’re going to use a sulfate shampoo, try diluting it with filtered water and use a color applicator bottle so that the shampoo only gets to your scalp.  
  4. Stay away from your Scissor Happy Stylist.  Unless you’re using a lot of heat on your ends, there’s no need to get a trim every 6 weeks.  I’ve gone a whole year without a trim, some people go longer.  Long hair is not everybody’s goal in which case, trim trim trim away. 

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