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I have to admit, my list of products that I would like to try is getting longer and longer, especially now that my goal this year is to veer more towards hair friendly/hair healthy products. It’s not a difficult course I’ve set for myself, it’s just more so a journey of natural discovery, and requires a different sort of awareness.  I consider this a great thing!

For the winter my style of choice is typically a two-strand twist style, or just a twist-out, rockable for a good week or so, and with this style I’m constantly looking for the best product that’ll offer great moisture, hold and if I’m feeling lucky some much needed shine… after all it is winter.

Two weeks ago I visited one of the few beauty supply stores that remained open on New Years Day (this was AFTER visiting my grandmother of course:-) )  and shelled out some money to buy two products that’d been on the list for some time. 

gel2The Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel was something I thought I could get away with for a pretty simple & quick two strand twist.  The product claims to add moisture while leaving  a noticeable shine once dry.  When I first took note on this gel I did notice the reason why it was so hyped on the boards is because it’s a solid mix of a gel AND a creme! Two lovely factors curlyheads look for because it’s like killing two birds with one stone  heaven in a jar;-).    After trying and styling my hair with this product I noticed upon drying that my hair began to flake just a tad.  The crown on my hair remained intact, but the parts of my hair more prone to dryness began to rebel.  It was a bit disappointing because I was cautious NOT to use a hefty amount while twisting and yet the end result left me a bit discouraged.  But of course, this is not to say this is the end all if you’re a curly head and this is in your arsenal of products, but…well my take is that it might work best on slightly thinner hair.  Once again I have a helmet on my head…a.k.a…this girl has thick hair! So the process of applying a gel/creme mixture might take a bit more chemistry trial and error sessions than this product could offer. 

But instead of dwelling on this, I moved on to another cool find on the list! This one’s also a gel, but once again because I’d heard such good things I picked it up.  gel21The Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel has one of the best scents for a gel! Forget those chemical, familiar scents that often go hand in hand with the average joe gel, this puppy smells…well it smells like mango’s and limes!  I twisted my strands with the gel this past weekend and remain pleasantly surprised  two days afterwards! There was certainly moisture and once dry, indeed some noticeable shine! It does have silk proteins listed as one of it’s ingredients, something I’d be careful about building on my hair over time, so for now the verdict can’t be delivered until the unveiling of the twist out, but I’m getting good vibes from the hair gods on this…!


Next up: I’m quite eager to try Curl Junkie’s Coffee Coco Curl Creme! Perhaps it’s time to stick to a creme based styling product for the winter rather than staying in this gel rut I’ve settled into.  I’m hoping my hair agrees with me!

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  1. I tried those products and the twist was there but with no shine as I have 4B hair. What has worked so far is Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercream and for a cheapie — Twist N Loc’s Honey Wax with Aloe Vera, both give hold and shine. I like the Miss Jessie’s a little better as it is less greasy. The Miss Jessie’s line is worth a try. Go under the dryer for Miss Jessie’s products for more hold. But the buttercream holds find for me without going under the dryer. I want to try their Curly Pudding under the dryer.

    • Miss Jessie’s buttercream does work wonders on 4b hair! I have 4b hair towards the nape of my neck and would use the creme to smooth and define over the summer. Hopefully you took advantage of the sale they had this past December (?) I usually wait to buy but this year, every supply store I went to were sold out…Mmm…but I do love ‘cheapie’ products so I’ll have to look for the twist N loc’s honey wax during my next haul;-)

  2. Being new to natural, I did not take advantage of the X-mas sale, though I will next year, God willing. I would try the products you listed as found in local stores but nothing worked except Twist N Loc’s and not Miss Jessie’s. I can buy Miss Jessie’s at a beauty supply store here in Philadelphia. I brought the sample size and to my surprise, it is a first-rate product. We 4Bs can not use a lot of the products that work for 3 hairtypes, like my husbands.

  3. that should be now Miss Jessie’s and not Miss Jessie’s, as Miss Jessie’s definitely works!

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