First BC

Back when I was transitioning, one of my main concerns during the process was the ‘who’ and ‘how’ factor.  Who was I going to trust to cut my hair and how was it going to turn out.  I’d already had a salon in mind, but regardless kept backtracking over my thoughts and concerns, trying to figure out the what ifs: what if there were other options,  should I go for them or stick to what I know?  I had zero friends who could offer up recommendations because all wore their hair straight, and frankly didn’t take my wanting to BC too seriously. 

I leafed through magazine after magazine, (back in the day I was a HUGE Honey Magazine fan, may it R.I.P,) and cut out pictures, and copied down numbers of salons I’d call to inquire about price etc.  I really did turn into a investigative rabbit, bouncing from one idea to the next, sorting through my finds, until I eventually settled on a place that just felt right!  And the reason it felt right was not only due to the fact that I’d visited and done my hair there before…but I genuinely felt comfortable entrusting this person with something so important to me.  Now, I certainly didn’t want a religious ceremony with candles and incense  burning in the background…but what I did hope to look forward to was a relaxing experience, and frankly someone who could have answers to the many questions I’d filed away for some weeks. In the end I ended up making the right choice and choosing a great salon here in NY, Jelani’s Naturals.   jelani2

I remember seeing pics like these in magazine after magazine and LOVING the possibility of achieving this look.  Today, I sort of envy the choices those who are about to embark on this journey have.  The resources are endless!  Both Essence Magazine &  have long realized the need and put together pretty cool & comprehensive salon directories  throughout the country.  Not to mention the growing amounts of haircare forums out there that are filled with spirited, experienced and knowledgeable people! My only regret is that I couldn’t visually document the experience.  But many on You tube have and it’s such a fun thing to watch!

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