Hair Update

Yeah, so I couldn’t wait. Last night I was bored and sick from what appears to be the beginnings of the flu, and decided to dabble in my new Aveda purchase. I’d been wearing my hair in twists since this past weekend, and was sleeping on them for the majority of Tuesday..a.k.a OBAMA DAY;-)…my twists by the evening were a bit dry to the touch and matted.
So before going to bed, I decided to rehydrate with Aveda’s Humectant Pomade. I undid each twist, applied the pomade in small amounts (a little goes a long way) to different sections, then re-twisted into larger sections. I then pin-curled the twists for the next morning.
Waking up this morning I was tired, but still excited to see if the results where what I remembered…and they were!!
My hair was shiny, to the point where it looked as if I’d just deep conditioned! It looked healthy, bouncy and fresh!  The smell of course is an added bonus..and I guess the best way to describe it is, earthy.  

Getting to work, removing my hat I was pleasantly surprised because my curls perked right up…no hat hair! I simply fluffed and continued to check my e-mail.

So the pomade is a DEFINITE keeper, at least for the winter months.  My goal going forward is to use it specifically to rehydrate when my hair looks visibly dry, other times I plan on using another one of my favorite new finds, the Jane Carter lock and twist creme.  

This weekend I plan on changing my game plan a bit since my Jamaican Mango & Lime gel finished last week. Something I was disappointed about because I’d used it only twice to twist and the jar was already finir! On the other hand it did work fantastically well, leaving me with well defined ringlets post-twists. I will definitely repurchase, but recently I also received my new Curl Junkie product!!! I’ve been waiting to try the Coffee Coco Curl Creme for a while and will finally do so by the end of week.  I’m trying to veer off my clutch of using a gel for every style I settle on, so hopefully this produces good results!


2 Comments to “Hair Update”

  1. That does sound like a product i would like to try…will have to research on the net because i haven’t seen it in shops in the U.K

  2. Hope you find it and it works!! It really is a handy tool product for the winter;-)

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