denmanSay hello….to my little friend.  Denman D4.  One of many essential discoveries made last year while figuring out the mess of detangling my hair.  Rule #1 of brushing/combing curly/kinky hair is to NEVER do it while under the influence of dry hair, otherwise the end result will be a tumbleweed of sadness. 

To best utilize the Denman, first you should find the correct size for your hair thickness and length. 

  • For Medium to long hair there’s the classic D7
  • For Short to Medium size hair lengths there’s the D5
  • For Thicker/coarser hair there’s the Denman Deluxe
  • For Medium/thick to Long/ coarse hair there’s the favorite D4 (this is the most common size carried in most beauty supply stores)

Prices for any of the Denmans mentioned range from as low as $10.00 to $16.00, it all depends on your own frugality and who offers the best deal.  It seems the best deals can often be found online rather than in-store, particularly if you’re buying other items and can opt out of the shipping costs.

After finding the correct size, the Denman is best used as a detangler through the conditioning process while hair is wet.  I find that no matter the length or density of your hair, it’s wiser to section hair before applying and/or detangling.  In hindsight this will save time, but most importantly patience! 

I start by detangling the ends, where the knots seem to form, then slowly work my way up, adding more conditioner if needed.  If you’re a curlyhead who’s not a huge fan of curl shrinkage, I’d say to proceed with caution because the Denaman will not only detangle and smooth out your strands, it will add signficant curl defintion and shrinkage the more you rake it through.  During the summer to cut down on shrinkage,  I’d start with a wide tooth comb, then finish with the brush. 

The only drawback that I do have with my Denman is the inevitable hair loss while detangling, which I’ve resigned myself into accepting.  My hair sheds in riduculous amounts, and when using the brush, while it does make the job easier I still end up losing some strands.  These days to prevent extra shedding and knots, I try to wash/condition my hair while in the shower or with my hair flowing backward rather than forward.  Matching the flow of the water to the way I’d like my hair to fall while styling helps tremendously! Less tugging, pulling and easier detangling;-).

Basic tools for detangling curly/kinky hair:

  1. Better than average conditioner
  2. Better than average detangling brush/large toothed comb
  3. A sea of patience

8 Responses to “Denman”

  1. I’m REALLY tempted to get the D3 or D4 for my TWA. Wide toothed combs destroy my curl pattern faster than the speed of light so I’m HOPPING this will do a better job.

  2. it should…if you’ve got a TWA Denman also makes these cute paddle size brushes that have the same bristles as the D3 & D4 😉

  3. Just so you know, I bought the D14 (for short hair, 5 rows) and I LOVE it 🙂

  4. lol! that’s great…I wish I’d known about this line when I had my TWA. All I remember is using these old fashion pick combs that did nothing to detangle or define, all they did were irritate and bruise my scalp…live and learn;-)

  5. I think I’m going to finally break down and buy a Denman. Thanks for posting this because I was a little confused about which one to get.

  6. no Prob! I actually broke down myself and bought their little paddle brush today to massage my scalp and detangle my roots…lol! We’ll see how this one compares…

  7. The D3 is the best! I can detangle, get out all the shed hair easy, and make my curls pop with one swipe!


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