Product Haul: Donna Marie, Curl Rehab…

So this past week I’ve been a bit out of sorts, sick with the flu…staying home from work one day then dragging myself along with my packets of tissue to work the next, only to be sent home early out of pity from my boss.  Shame really…bottom line, the best way to take care of yourself while you’re sick is to first admit to yourself that you are sick, rest up and get better…!

But man, the days that I did stay home were a true test of my strength.  Even this past weekend I hauled myself in my place with just the right amount of groceries, so I didn’t have to step out in 17 degree weather,  checked out some of my favorite curl friendly blogs,  and luxuriated in season one of the Mary Tyler Moore show (season 1&2 on sale at Target for $19bucks!! ). 

Another thing I often do when confined to a spot for longer than a couple of hours is go absolutely stir crazy… so to alleviate this I buy products!!  I mean, they make it so easy these days with easier shipping/payment methods that I kept saying to myself…why not;-)


Lock & Twist Pudding

At the start of the weekend I lurked around looking for reviews on any Donna Marie product, a curl friendly line I’d been curious about trying for some time.  Most reviews were for the popular curly butter creme,  a product some have compared to Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  But because of the cold weather here in NYC I decided to keep that on my to-try list for the summer, and instead ordered the lock &t twist pudding! The product description from the site claims to make twists and locks moisturized enough to keep your hair soft and silky.  Not bad…I was pretty much sold on the moisturizing properties rather than it’s claims to make my hair silky…something that can happen in winter but I’ve learned not to bank on it’s magical appearance each week. 


Deionized water, aloe vera gel, carbomen, kokum butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, glycerin, flax seed gel extract, hibiscus extract, carrot seed extract, burdock root extract, agave nectar extract, silver citrate, potassium sorbate and natural fragrance.

Payment was fast and easy, and I received a confirmation that my product shipped the next day! Ohhh how I love to know that my products are en route…lol!

Next up I lingered around the new Curl Junkie website to see if I could put an end to my DC treatment search.  Often times I linger around sites, reading recommendations from users while taking note but often times hold back because DC’s often run a bit more $$! Makes sense if their intent is to give your hair more punch, but lately I’ve been drawing back on spending over $20 bucks on something I’d use several times a month. 

But here’s what I love, sites that offer discounts! Yes, introductary discounts on new products are something I can wrap my pennies around! Curl Junkie is running a sale until January 27th  on some of their new products, and luckily there was a 30% savings on a new DC treatment!.


Curl Rehab

Their Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair treatment has the main thing I typically go ga-ga over, and that’s moisture!

A description from the site:

Give your hair the moisture it deserves. Check your dry, frizzy curls into rehab! Let your hair drink in a wonderfully rich cocktail of Aloe, herbs, and healing butters & oils to rejuvenate and restore your precious curls! Wonderfully scented with the rich and beautiful Gardenia flower with a hint of Coconut and mystery, this treatment is excellent for taming frizz with much needed moisture. This is a real treat! This treatment is lightweight, yet moisture packed. Give everyone curl envy!

An added bonus for me lately as well is a glycerin free product,  a humectant that’s common in most conditioning treatments, but lately my hair is poofing from too much glycerin due to my choice of styling products and my co-wash conditioner.  I love BIG hair for my twist out’s but lately my big hair comes on first day hair rather than 3 day old hair and I’ve been fishing around for even more product to combat the poof! I love glycerin, but too much of a good thing is always not good for my hair…balance is key!

Again, processing was a breeze! My new DC shipped the very next day and I hope to have by end of week!

Oh dear…so I wasn’t done.  On top of lingering on the curly hair boards, I peeked into some youtube channels that offer hair care reviews, and found myself taking note on the growing popularity of another creme based moisturizer for twists and coils. 


Wet Set Pudding

Curls by Sisters Smith’s site looks a tad non-discript but the reviews for their products have been close to raving! The  product that really stood out was their wet set pudding curl enhancing creme.  The pudding is non-greasy, so it has no oils or waxes, gives you a light hold without the crunch similar to other holding products, AND for an $5.50 you can get a hefty 8oz jar to try!  The ingredient list floored me a bit because…well there are only three: glycerin, aloe vera, & olive oil.  Floored because I failed to notice any kind of preservative, which is odd for most curl enhancing products.  But eh…we’ll see…for $5.50 I’m willing to take a chance! Each batch is custom made according to your specified scent which range from:

  • unscented
  • green tea
  • vanilla 
  • summer garden 
  • summer citrus
  • floral blend
  • brown sugar
  • lavender
  • peppermint

By the end of the weekend I’d received confirmation that my pudding had been shipped, so they too are quick and efficient!

Whew! By Sunday Night I was feeling great! My products were on their way, I was saving the planet by using less tissues to blow my nose AND one of my favorite bloggers had a new post up…and oddly enough it had nothing to do with hair products.  Botticelli Babe is known for her more than honest reviews on curly-hair products and her willingness to try out the most random of stuff on her weird product Wednesday posts. 

This go round though,  her review centered on a staple she’d come to rely on as a showering soap, something she calls, ” creamy, often whipped-like, versions of […] soaps.”  The line, called Savor is an Etsy creation which means they’ve got a lot of love going into them, simply because the products are home based…and affordable!


Princess Bride

I purchased two of their frothy souffle soaps to sample, Princess Bride and one of their mini  chai creme fraiche scents! The pics on the site are delicious to look at, so here’s hoping they feel as good as they look on film!


I’m going to be in new territory with these new products so if you guys have tried any of them feel free to let me know how they worked, what you liked best, what didn’t work etc.  I rarely do product hauls, so this will hopefully last me until the end of winter:-)


et finir!

10 Comments to “Product Haul: Donna Marie, Curl Rehab…”

  1. I HATE places that have discounts! It literally guarantees I’ll be buying a HUGE load of stuff because I love good deals.

    Quick, slightly unrelated, question: What is your winter routine? I moved to an area with super harsh winters (it’s 4F NOT factoring wind chill!) and I have no idea what to do with my hair anymore 😦

  2. Hey Alice!

    oh dear…that is cold! My hair is prone to excessive dryness as well, so I hear your frustration.
    Last year though I invested in a heating cap in order to DC at least once a week. I’m telling you it’s made a world of difference! I deep condition while I’m either watching tele or on my PC for no less than 20 minutes. The key for me also is to maintain moisture throughout the week, so I hydrate my hair at night with something that has a shea butter base or lately I’ve been using something from Aveda’s line, the humectant pomade. I twist my hair at night with this about mid-week and it lasts until my next wash!

  3. Well, lows of 4 but it’s still cold!
    I have a TWA right now so I can’t twist my hair at night (Dear Alice, never be so silly/ridiculous to BC in December. Remember, FEBRUARY IS COLD! ❤ Alice) Any ideas for style options besides flat twists or coils?

  4. Well, low of 4 but it’s still cold!
    I have a TWA right now (Dear Alice, never be so silly/ridiculous to BC in December. Remember, WINTER IS COLD! ❤ Alice) so I can’t do twists yet (I’m WAITING for enough length to start twisting, braiding my hair again! I miss the style options that came with longer hair!) Any ideas for style options besides flat twists or coils?

    Thanks for the advice!

    • Mmmm….I could remember rocking my TWA through the winter and developing a habit of wearing A LOT of That’s the thing, when your hair is first BC’d, options are a tad limited, so I hoarded headbands, clips, scarves, and every other accessory for hair that I thought cute. It allowed me to manipulate my hair less, so I think it actually grew a lot faster! Coils were also a favorite of mine because once I was able to separate the coils I had a pretty cute curly fro! The key was always to moisturize while separating though…:-)

  5. all i want to know is how they work for you? 😀 they look soooo good, especially the princess bride.

    • Hopefully they work well…I’m still tempted to try out some of the body souffles I saw…!

    • So the verdict on the souffle’s are pretty much two thumbs up!! I’ve used them sparingly because this is what I’ve come to treat myself with in the shower…lol! But it’s a keeper and will purchase again…I’ll post a full review later;-)

  6. Have you had a chance to try the Curls By Sister Smith Wet Set Pudding?

    I tried it shortly after my BC and HATED IT.

    Just curious to know if initial reaction to the product was justifiable or if I should revisit the products.


    • I sampled just a bit of it, but not enough to give a full review. The first time I used it was to slick back my hair for sort of an up do, and it did a pretty good job in moisturizing…i’ve heard folks compare it to Miss Jessie’s buttercream and I could see why because it moisturizes just as good, the only drawback I found so far is not mixing it with any products that contain oils you might already have in your hair, otherwise it might leave white specks that are hard to get out. I’m still hoping to try it for some twists…for me that’s usually the best test. If it can maintain moisture in my hair for longer than two days for a good twistout it’s a keeper…loL!

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