Spotlight: Fresh Scrub



‘What a difference a year makes…’, I’ve heard this before but never has it meant so much until I took a step back the other day to envision parts of my life this time last year.  Basically I had started a new job, a second job really, that was intended to supplement the happy moments in my life, you know… those moments where you’re entitled to pay yourself first before paying your landlord. I’d delegate myself to be happy on those pay days, and liberally bought something, whether it was small or big that would make the fact that I was so tired all the time a meaningless slight.

What I also distinctly remember is lagging behind on really taking care of me, more specifically my skin! Last year I was running around on tip toes, arriving at the day job at 8am, leaving there around 5:30pm for the other job…then finally resting at home close to 11:00pm.  After only a couple of weeks of that routine, my skin was not adjusting to my negligence. 

Winter in NYC is certainly unforgivable if you don’t acknowledge it, and that’s pretty much what I did.  My skin for the first time began to flake, and I discovered dry patches that never used to exist! Still adjusting to my new schedule I had zero time to whip up a batch of shea-loe, or a shea mixture that would help alleviate my growing problem.

Instead I needed a quick fix…something that could easily slip into a routine that I hadn’t yet caught up with.  Thankfully, around the corner from my second job is one of those fancy shmancy type beauty stores that have white luminescent walls, ceilings and floors…it was almost dreamy…lol! It was the kind of place I simply did not trust myself going in alone, I’d need friendly support or the confidence to withstand the buckling pressure of over eager saleswomen.

Unfortunately the day I finally walked into fresh, I had none of that. All I did have was desperation and a new paycheck.  My skin was dry and cracking so I didn’t want a lotion I needed creme! I wanted something with a whole host of oils, milky ways and H2O, and the saleswomen had no problem shoving product after product down my throat.  By the time I approached checkout, I had two bars of soaps and a bottle of lotion she’d convinced me would work better than anything I’d ever tried.  Now, I was never really convinced, even after her recitation of all the ‘wholesome’ ingredients, so I continued to wander the store (this time alone!) and stumbled upon something so ideal and spot on, that I knew I’d be making the right choice in purchasing…their Brown Sugar Polish!

This is a great two-for product, a scrub AND a moisturizer in one…it smooths and scrubs away dead skin, while the natural oils hydrate and soften! The surprising factor for me, especially after trying it, was it’s ability to last all day.

Key ingredients:
– Real brown sugar crystals scrub away flakes without causing irritation
– Precious evening primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel, and jojoba oils nourish skin and moisturize dry areas
– Passionflower oil and ginseng root extract invigorate the senses
– Citrus oils brighten and tone the skin


Last night I was able to treat myself to this stuff and instantly had no regrets.  I had no energy left to emulsify my shea butter and  needed a quick fix to moisturize my skin, and the fact that I could do that while in the shower was just too tempting!

At $65 for a 14 oz jar I now know just how desperate I was back then, yet at the same time it’s lasted well over a year and it’s been my secret winter spa moment:-).  So if you’re feeling lucky or just need to be reminded of a Calgon moment…this puppy will take you there!

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