The Process

curlToday I decided to change “the process” up dramatically by trying out a few different products and techniques. Last night I was tired from work but on a whim ended up pre-pooing for the first time in a loooong time.  I figured why not…let’s set up my hair for a deep cleaning/conditioning the next day.

So last night I pre-pooed with a new conditioner from Suave, the coconut scent, and saturated my hair while separating into big twists.  I didn’t detangle the whole head, but really just stuck to the ends to remove any loose strands that might’ve accumulated during the week…and their was a lot!! The less moisture my hair has, there is always inevitable hair shedding.  Sucks really…but it’s pretty common during the winter months.

After separating into twists I donned a conditioning cap and went to sleep.  Waking up this morning, I washed out the conditioner, still keeping the twists together for easier rinsing and mixed my ACV rinse.

Because I wanted to concentrate more on my scalp in terms of cleansing and removing buildup, I mixed the ACV in an applicator bottle I picked up at the BSS (beauty supply store).  Using the applicator bottle made a HUGE difference in my new routine and I have to say I made less of a mess! I usually have a tendency to drip puddles around my feet whenever I have the water running, so this was a great addition to the process!

I still had a bit of conditioner left in my hair so after applying the ACV I massaged the scalp thoroughly, then ran my fingers through my hair to sort of start the detangling process.  Now, I won’t lie…the smell of the ACV was strong! I mean it’s vinegar so it’s got it’s acidic alkaline properties down in every!

But after massaging the scalp  I made sure to rinse thoroughly.  The smell did linger a bit, which I was expecting so I did one more co-wash with the Suave conditioner.  

The next step was to DC with my Curl Rehab which was delivered earlier in the week (detailed review to come later)! I detangled with the Curl Rehab and my Denman, then retwisted hair into about 12 large twists.  I sat under a conditioning cap for a good two hours because I failed to DC last week.

Afterwards I jumped in the shower and rinsed my hair, having the twists still in place with the flow of the water coming straight down, a trick I found worked well in preventing my hair to detangle again.  Sounds strange, but I hold my breath for a bit while letting the water run straight down as if pouring a bucket over my head! This took a bit of practice when I tried it a couple of weeks ago because I’d switched to rinsing with cold water to alleviate frizz and add shine…but it’s amazing the difference it makes! 

So  after the cold rinse I applied my KCKT and styled my hair this week with Donna Marie’s Lock & Twist Pudding.  After twisting, because I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate my Coconut Oil into my routine after my Bentonite disaster, I decided to apply it to my scalp and also to seal my ends.  

Right now my hair is still damp, but my scalp feels amazingly fresh and clean from the ACV! I’m not sure what to do with the smell, but I’m determined to add this to my routine.  This was the first time I’ve ever used a rinse to cleanse my scalp rather than a simple co-wash or mild shampoo cleanser and I have to say I’m a true convert!! My hair did not feel stripped, it just felt clean!  I’ll post more results tomorrow…the true test is always after I’ve slept on my twists and how well moisturized they remain.

Overall though I’d love to stick to this routine for at least another week or two to see if it’ll help with my scalp issues…everything just seemed to flow really well…from the ACV rinse to the DC treatment and then finally the styling…easy breezy:-)

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