Et Voila!

Took the twists out this morning and was doing a mini-two step in my bathroom mirror! The results from my DC + the ACV rinse seemed to be really compatible with my hair, leaving my scalp clean and my hair soft and light, au revoir to product buildup!

I’m rockin a twist out this morning and for the rest of the week as usual, but the only thing I did do differently was not separate my twists once I undid them.  Normally I separate to add volume, but my hair had a different kind of bounce to it that I ended up loving the natural finished product! My hair had a different movement and shine to it, something I didn’t typically get after going through my previous routines. 

Before untwisting though I did make sure to apply my unrefined shea butter to the hair…something I usually do directly after twisting my hair fresh to seal in the moisture, but I simply forgot.  Nonetheless, my hair remains soft and looks far from dry and dull!

As the week goes on I expect to start separating the twists, just for the sake of achieving a different look here and there, but honestly it’s really gratifying to find something natural that works this well…


2 Comments to “Et Voila!”

  1. And may I say that you hair looked lovely last night while we watched the Superbowl.

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