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dollarzI’m LOVING all of the good deals out there these days! Doesn’t it seem like just about everyone is offering discounts on shipping, or willing to switch to bargain prices?! I’m a Product Junkie at heart, always have been, so I’ve always had to reley on ‘other means’ (second job, ebay;-) to fund my splurges.  Finding good deals on line falls under that category, and just plain ol being a smart consumer!  If I can’t find something on the swap boards over at naturallycurly.com then I digg around for bargains elsewhere.  Over the years I’ve also learned patience…to wait for the dollar to find me…and lately it has!


Curl Junkie’s  having some deals:


Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday!! Starting now through Monday, Feb. 9th, 2009 we are offering a $4 flat rate USPS Priority shipping on orders over $25 (US orders only), $5 flat rate on UPS Ground orders (continental US only) over $25, and $6 flat rate USPS Priority mail for orders over $100! Hopefully this will make it a little easier to take a chance on some products you may have been considering for a while! Please do spread the word to let others know about this special as well!

As a reminder, we have our referral program to add more temptation…refer us to a friend who places an order and you will receive a coupon code good for 20% off your next order! How it works: Just be sure to have your friend enters your name into the comments field at checkout and we will email your code to you*!

Also, if you send us a picture of your hair with Curl Junkie products (please tell us which ones) in it for use on our website, we will send you a coupon code for 10% off your next order*!

*(These offers are good for one order only, and cannot be combined with other promotions or each other.)


Curl Junkie Hair Products, LLC


 Curlmart is in on it too with their $7 flat rate shipping on all ground orders!

All Month, Fill Your CurlMart Shopping Cart To Your Heart’s Desire!
 Get $7 shipping on ALL domestic ground orders!
This is the time to try out new products and stock
up on old favorites. PS: No promotion code needed.


I’m not going to go crazy, but eh…a deals a deal;-)


 PJ Update: Over at curlynikki.com  another goodie deal!!


Curlmart is offering the CurlyNikki.com community 15% off
our purchases!!!
From now until 2/28/2009 save 15% on your entire purchase*
Use promotion code- CurlyNikki09
I’ve received word that they will be restocking our Oyin Juices and Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment very soon!

*Wen products, Curly Cocktails, collections,
and kits are excluded from this sale.








2 Comments to “PJ News!”

  1. Oh man, i’m going into PJ overload, somebody stop me! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I’m trying not feel so bad about buying more stuff…we’re saving money!! At least that’s what I tell myself…lol

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