Apropos: Nikki Giovanni



Here’s a woman who hardly ever needs an introduction so I’ll keep mine short and sweet.  Nikki Giovanni is a poet, activist , author of twenty-seven books, including a Grammy Nominee and a distinguished professor of English at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg , Virginia. Last Tuesday she debuted yet another book of poetry, relative to what we all crave this month…love.


bike2Bicycles is a compilation of all new love poems by Nikki and just a good enough reason to make you want to smile and appreciate the loved ones that are already in your life.  I was lucky enough to snag an extra copy of Bicycles, so if you’re down for love this month, shoot me an e-mail (backtocurly@gmail.com) or leave a comment down below and I’ll happily send you a copy!





2 Comments to “Apropos: Nikki Giovanni”

  1. I absolutely LOVE Nikki Giovanni! I feel in love with her writing in undergrad and I even got the opportunity to meet her and get her to sign a book for me. I would love to get this new book, Bicycles.

  2. I love Nikki Giovanni’s work..her psoem are so inspring and beautiful. Having a chance to read this latest collection would be cool.

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