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dollarzI’ve been in a linear funk these past few days.  Work has been doubly stressful, shedding light on the true face of our ‘crippling economy’ …  and the simplest bottom line is that it all sucks!!

One of my biggest fears though when I do get stressed is cutting back on taking care of myself…I have a tendency to revert back to bad eating habits, prolonging my workout regime, neglecting my skin, or even scrimping on my hair purchases…seemingly trying to cut corners when really what I should be doing is taking two steps back to reevaluate the situation.  I need to refocus!

So to start… or end my foolishness, I am going about business as usual.  Continuing to invest in myself by investing in quality products, not being afraid to take chances on recommendations…but most importantly being smart and asking questions!

Last week I felt the pinch and wanted to try out a new line of products I’d heard other bloggers using with great success.  Afroveda is a relatively new line of hair care products for curly heads with highly textured strands, and  word of mouth after folks have sampled their custards and butters have been super positive!  So last week after checking out the site I emailed their customer service to ask if they offered sample sizes of their products.

The answer was no, but Mala ( the creator of the line) hinted to me that they might be introducing special sample sizes for Valentines weekend!! Low and behold, as advertised on their site,  starting today until February 16th they’ll be offering 25% of your purchases ALONG with the opportunity to sample pretty much the entire line! Here’s a link to the special Valentine’s day promotion.

She’s offering 2oz. versions of the products for a cool $3.50 a pop, so it’s wise to stock up now and see if it’s worth your time and money for the future, which is what I did.  I ordered several sample sizes of the butters and the curly custard. 

I saved $$  y’all, and it feels good! Nothing beats being in a funk all week, yet being able to salvage whatever is left with a good discount! Considering the tough times we’re in, I’m starting to believe it’s the only and perhaps best way to shop!

If you come across any sweet deals, whether it’s hair care, body care…don’t hesitate to pass it along, you could be saving others some much needed $$!

(Mala also hinted to a special Valentines Day promotion for one day only!! So if you feel like counting pennies stop by;-) 


5 Comments to “PJ News!”

  1. that sounds soo good 😀 im sorry that i’ll have to miss this sale.

    • I’ve been wanting to try their stuff for a while so I’m happy she offered those sample sizes! if you go on the site there’s just too much to choose from…I used to browse her site but could never make a final decision…lol.

  2. I hope that she does another sale like this sometime. I always hate to miss the good ones.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I took advantage of Afroveda’s sale and got her loc butter!
    it is amaaazing!
    Mema Cold process soaps has been in my wishlist for a while!!
    HOwever I have sooooooooo many soaps and I want to get into soapmaking so it has to wait..

    • I think I ordered a small sample of the loc butter along with the custard, so i’ve got my fingers crossed! I don’t think I’ve heard bad reviews on this line so I’m getting real anxious to try;-)

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