Summer is… 



…to me it’s anticipation.  It’s been a long winter and I long for cute print dresses, peep toe embroidered sandals, smelling like an almond cookie, sailing mile high on T-strap heels,  reeking of my favorite scents and oils no matter who’s next to me, carrying over sized embellished bags filled with summer reads…visiting Karen’s shop in BK for her wonderful creations…

Summer is also my time to divvy up my skin care routine, switching from heavy duty butters & cremes to light lotions.  I need my skin to BREATH in summer so I try to look for lotions that are not just light feeling, but the fragrance has to fit my personality as well.  During winter months I hardly experiment with scents,  usually I’m more preoccupied with finding a good moisturizer to combat winter dryness!  But the leeway summer offers is so enticing that I’m always inspired to try new body sprays, lotions on any given day of the week.

garnetMy absolute FAV over the years has been a lotion with the warmest of undertones, goes on light, yet moisturizes incredibly well.  Sage Jewelry’s Garnet Body Creme is hands down my go to scent for the summer because it last, last LASTS all day! You know something is worth the hype when you’re turning heads, and folks are hankering for advice on where to get.  I never worry about applying perfume afterwards, because really…I’d hate to mask the loveliness that is Amber & Vanilla!  On a whim I visited their site the other day and found a sale brewing! Needless to say I stocked up, mainly because rarely do they have a sale, and I’d be certain to kick myself later if I didn’t take advantage.

cookieMy other go to scent is another prized gem from Carol’s Daughter.  I can’t get enough of her Almond Cookie treats!! One of my new fav bloggers has been all over this line for some time and has blogged about the truly addicting smell, despite her love/torn relationship with the changing prices.  I’ll be honest, over the years the increase in price has deterred me from purchasing many things from Lisa Price’s line of goodies, but in the end I decided to pick just one item from her collection that I wouldn’t feel guilty when purchasing, and that ended up being the Almond Cookie Lotion and fragrance!  The highlight scent is sweet almond, mixed with marzipan, sandalwood and musk.  YUM!!  It’s sweet, without the over bearing smell of berries, which is why I’m so drawn to it.  I’m not gagging over the smell if I decide to slather it on, which I’ve been guilty of:-).



I know it’s early preaching about Summer, but I can’t be the only one!  What are your all time fav go-to products for summer?


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