So, Spring is somewhat in the air…n’est pas?  I thought I felt it on a breeze or two yesterday morning while walking to work, my gloves were tucked away in my pocket so my hands were free! What can I say, I give in to hope a lot when it comes to the weather…

I’ve got fingers crossed it’ll last through the weekend though,  because I’m seriously ready to stretch my legs a bit, do some walking in my neighborhood for a change. I’ve been meaning to swing by Karen’s shop in BK for the longest, but fall back every time…again, weather is somewhat of a deterrent for me. But I have determination as my ore and will take a trip, it’ll be a shame to pass up on the sale that’s going on!

milkApparently her uber popular leave-in conditioners are on sale @ buy 2 get one free! Now this applies to her milks, hair nectar and the super silky, and you can pick and choose your scents to your liking. The top favorites across the board have been lavender vanilla & chamomile sage, but I’ve got my eye on the sultry sandalwood.  The name alone wooed me!  Also, new to me is her Fabulous Freebie Fridays…? Don’t know what’s in store but I’ll check in to see what’s up. Click here to take a peek.


It sucks that February is such a short month though, I feel as if I’ve been scrambling to catch up on all the good deals left during the home stretch.  But as a gentle reminder Curlmart is offering 15% off your entire purchase, (excluding kits, curly cocktails, and Wen products) until the 28th along with a $7 flat rate charge, just enter coupon code blogger15 at checkout.  I’m still eager to see if they’ll have re-stocked some product hopefuls like the Oyin goodies, but we’ll see.


junkieI finally snagged my Curl Junkie Rehab!! I was afraid I’d been too late for the sale because my Paypal account was acting fuddy, but alas I saved and restocked on my DC.  The Curl Theory Mositurizing conditioner is also on the sale block for $14, something I’m looking forward to trying in the future. 



creme1Another Valentine’s Special is coming to a close over at  Miss Jessie’s camp with her Creme De la Curl Cleansing Creme (originally $20) & Creme De la Creme Conditioner (originally $26) marked down to $16 bucks.  I’ve never tried either product but have in fact purchased several of their other puddings and what nots.  The reviews for both haven’t been bad, the cleansing creme is somewhat thicker in consistency than the conditioner, but apparently both still work effectively.  Again, I haven’t sampled these, nor have I checked out the ingredient list, but if you’re a fan…kudos! Let me know how they work for you.

lockandtwist2I was also able to score my  new wonder, the Donna Marie Lock & Twist Pudding this week.  The site is updated and it seems to be back in stock, so I took advantage like a good PJ. I also snagged up another one of her goodies after hearing rave reviews from the curly/kinky community, but I’ll vote and reveal what it is later;-).  If you’re tempted to try her products you can purchase from here, or head over to afrokinks.com where there’s a hidden coupon code on the homepage (if you can’t find it leave a comment down below and I’ll cough up).  I love this site because you can find just about the best of the best that’s out there for naturally/textured curly/kinky hair. There’s also a neat sale rack link with items at clearance prices!


What I’m really excited about is taking a trip over to Karen’s in BK, aside from her hair care collection, her body oils and butters are out of sight! The neighborhood is a fun and alive place to hang out if she’s quickly whipping up a batch of her special goodies, so if you’re in the area look her up and stop by, the sale applies to in-house as well but ends on March 3rd.




6 Comments to “Updates”

  1. Hello there.

    Thanks for stopping by my spot.

    Girl isn’t that Donna Marie the truth? LOL

    The girls over at Nappturality will not discuss it do to some questionable posts from someone promoting the products via spam on the site last year. They don’t know what they are missing. I love that it has both moisture and a medium hold. Don’t sleep on the LOCK & TWIST PUDDING ladies.

    • Hi Rhonda!

      no prob, I’ve been a quiet lurker on your blog for some time but never posted, you give great detail on your blog which I love;-). You’re right about the pudding though! It’s hard enough finding something that’ll give adequate moisture, but this gives moisture AND hold that lasts for days!! Honestly I wasn’t expecting it to do this well on my hair, but it’s an absolute keeper!

  2. Oh yeah, You can also purchase it at http://www.azizabeautysupply.com and save at least $2 on shipping.

  3. For lock and twist creams and gels…are they only to be used on natural hair or can they also be used when doing kinky twist for example?

    • Hi there;-)
      I’ve never really thought of lock and twist gels and cremes as having only one purpose, i.e. just for natural hair. I’ve found the Jamaican lock and twist gel works amazingly well for slick back looks, and just adding extra moisture to twists once they are set and dry. If you can find a twist creme or gel that works well on both wet and dry hair, I’d go ahead and try it on kinky twists, but use sparangly because kinky twists are prone to buildup if using the wrong hair product. Using it at the root of the twist to reduce frizz and secure the twists works better than adding it to the whole strand. The whole point of kinky twists is to give your hair a break, but also longevity…you want the style to last…so applying product as the style progresses, like a moisturizing spritz, I’ve found to work best;-)

      Hope this helps!

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