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pilloToday… I’m finally giving in.  Last night, something sinister came between me and my beauty sleep…and I did not like.  I was tossing and turning like a woman with fever, trying to find the right spot to lay my head.  I never found it.  I woke up this morning with the most uncomfortable strain running down my neck and across my shoulders.  I eventually came in to work annoyed and popped two pain pills to alleviate the pressure.

My hair was still in twists last night after my weekly wash, and to help preserve my labor, I tied my hair with a satin scarf….a LARGE satin scarf that can seriously double as a mini-skirt if you dare.  Granted…it’s over-sized, and when I tie the knot in the back to secure the thing, I end up with a juggernaut…basically a baseball sized noose that I have to sleep on for 6-8 hours. Practical…Noooooo waaaaayyyy!!

I’m already prone to bad sleeping habits, things I know I should cease, such as falling asleep with either the television or radio on, but rarely do I wake up in the morning cursing an informercial that might’ve interrupted my sleep! Alas, I am over my foolishness and have begun the search for a satin pillowcase, something I convinced myself could NEVER protect my hair as well as my trusty satin scarf.

Well…turns out I can’t very well trust in something that’s going to leave me with painful neck and shoulder pain, so after some digging I’m going to take the plunge and either order on-line, or visit a local dept. store. 

I found a promising  site while doing a quick search on satin pillow cases, but need to read some reviews before purchasing. offers a small selection of products, but perhaps the three essential ones: satin pillowcase, satin head scarf, and a traveling pillowcase.  Rumor is, “the effects of continuous contact with cotton pillowcases can tangle and ruin hairstyles.” 


The benefits of sleeping on a satin pillowcase include:

  • reduction in hair breakage
  • helps maintain proper moisture balance
  • eliminates most tangling issues



I figure it’s easier to pick up any ‘ol satin pillowcase from Target or what have you, which is what I’ll probably end up doing in my frustration, but their satin head wrap did look appealing.  Now…will I pay shipping and handling for this small thing….probably not.  But it’s nice to look at options.  I know I’m late on this bandwagon but better late than never.


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  1. I sleep on a satin pillow case every night even though I wear a satin bonnet every night! I bought my pillow case from Sally’s for like $5-$7. It was worth it, especially when I wake up and my satin bonnet is on the floor! LOL!

    • lol..i had the same problem with my satin bonnet…always on the floor the next morning! I didn’t know Sally’s sold pillowcases though…thanks for the heads up;-)

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