The Process

curlThis week I wasn’t expecting to experiment too much with anything extra ordinary, pretty much wanted to try my hand at consistency…see if I had what it took not to open that new jar of buttercreme.  Overall I did good! I pre-pooed with some leftover conditioner I’d wanted to finish for a while, and went a head and mixed my ACV rinse.  Still adding the Khoret Amen oil, but also mixing in some vitamin E oil I’d found underneath my mound of bottles.  I’d purchased the vitamin E oil at the beginning of this year and seriously forgot I’d had it! My scalp towards the end of the week was beginning to act up again…a fault of mine because I’d forgotten to moisturize regularly with my coconut oil…and I was undoubtedly stressed at work.  Stress is always a huge factor, relative to the health of my scalp, something I’ve tried to keep a handle on but failed miserably this week. 

So added to my mix went the Vitamin E oil, which if what ‘they’ say is true, will help to stimulate my scalp, improving blood circulation.  To help the process along I massaged my scalp while the ACV rinse was in my hair for a good five minutes, making sure to move in circular motions…basically just enjoying the experience! A scalp massage is a fantastic stress reliever btw! 

After rinsing the ACV, I followed with a final wash of  Oyin’s Honey Wash.  A palmful was all I needed to distribute evenly and work up a good lather. I spot checked the crown of my head for that stripped, overly clean feeling and happily found zilch! I picked up on this habit late last year as a way to distinguish which washes/rinses/conditioners were doing the best job at cleansing/conditioning my hair.  I simply create a part down the center of my hair, stopping midway and sort of inspect for buildup, moisture etc. This week I had zero buildup, and found that my hair was shinny and well moisturized. 

honeysuckle_rose_condtionerSpot checks also help me in figuring out exactly which conditioner or DC to use for that week.  Usually I can figure it out the day before I wash, sort of just by keeping tab on how my hair progressed for the week, and yesterday I found love again in Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose.  This was only my second time using this conditioner, and I’ll be honest it was sort of on a last/ second chance trial basis.  The first time I used this about a month ago after hearing rave reviews from the blog community,  I’d finally buckled and purchased while at the Vitamin shop (where it’s considerably cheaper than at other distributors btw!), came home…DC’d and was left very unimpressed.  At the time I couldn’t figure out why my hair didn’t react well to all the great and natural ingredients found in the conditioner, I just decided to move on.  And yet I still had more than half a bottle left, so I opted for a second chance, and was blown away by how great it worked!

I guess it’s a go-figure type thing….? What could I have done differently this time around…I’m not entirely sure…I detangled my ends with a wide toothed comb, applied the AOHR, then ran my denman through to further detangle.  I donned my conditioning cap and sat with it for 30 min before rinsing, and was surprised at how well my hair came together…and by this I mean I had virtually no frizz and my curls behaved by curling!  They honestly seemed to enjoy the combo of ACV + Honey Wash + AOHR. 

To style I applied KCKT followed by Donna Marie’s Lock & Twist Pudding.  This morning I wore my twists to work for the first time in a long time because I was a tad bit tired to unravel them.  Losing that hour of sleep is not pleasant! But again, my hair has tons of  shine and is moving beautifully…honestly I couldn’t find a better product to twist my hair! It’s easy to apply, and to apply you need very little.


On a side note, my internet is down this week….Arrggh! And I’m lagging behind on some product reviews I need to push out the door…some uppers and some downers I found while reviewing my old stash of things, so hopefully I can bang those out in a few days. 



Countdown to Spring: 11 Days


6 Comments to “The Process”

  1. Hey Lady, I got the Nikki Giovanni book today and I am loving it already! Thank you again!!

    • Yeah! Isn’t it just a sweet collection! I’d love to hear which one is your favorite when you’re all done;-).

  2. Hey lady,

    You’ve included two of my favorite products.

    Too many people are sleeping on that Donna Marie Lock & Twist Pudding. It is WONDERFUL!!! Moisture and Hold together. FABULOUS. I told my friend today that I need a gallon. lol

    And Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose. MY FAVORITE. There is nothing like it in the world. LOL

    • Hey Rhonnie;-)

      If they did sell this stuff by the gallon, I’d certainly be one of the first in line to buy…it works amazingly well!! Thank the lord it’s affordable…lol!
      And I’m not sure how I could’ve been sleeping on the AOHR for so long! I went on their website not too far back to check out some of their other products and all their goodies have amazing ingredients, so no wonder it works so well!

  3. so you found that the oyin was good for you? do you think your twists would have turned out okay if you had only used either the kckt or donna maries lock and twist?

    • Actually, I only use the KCKT on parts of my hair that are more prone to frizziness after it’s dried. I have about three different textures in my hair so I sort of treat each section differently. Some sections I didn’t apply KCKT and just stuck with the pudding because I’m scared to over moisturize, others I defintely needed the extra slip and added the leave-in followed by the pudding.

      And the Oyin is a keeper! I’m happy because I use so very little to get the job done…my bottle is still half full;-)

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