The Process

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curlAs of last week I’ve made a commitment to sort of cease on purchasing any impulse buys related to hair.  At this point, it just didn’t make sense placing an order for something new if I haven’t even dugg my fingers into what I’d just purchased two weeks ago.  So this week was all about using up old timers, coupling them with new goodies in order to purge my PJness.

I pre-pooed again this week, and I’m thinking it’s just out of habit now.  My hair enjoys it no doubt, and makes the follow up ACV application a bit easier to massage in.  My hair is already semi-moisturized and all I have to worry about is working the mix into my scalp and giving it a good massage.  I tried a different pre-poo conditioner using Giovanni’s Deeper Moisture  conditioner.  Applied this in sections followed by my ACV rinse. 

Lead by my growing desire to achieve optimal results with my ACV rinse, I’m still adding my Khoret Amen Hair Oil, but this week added a couple tablespoons of organic honey, along with a couple drops of tea tree oil.  What I was going for was a mix that would help to remove buildup from my hair/scalp but also offer me that tingly fresh feeling I often crave.  I applied the mix using an applicator bottle and massaged for a good five minutes before rinsing with cold water.  Lately I’ve been inspired by other mixtresses out there who are taking charge of their tresses & budget by putting together amazing concoctions.  Amina of Coup de Coeur  fame was able to infuse her ACV with hibiscus and rosebuds! The results look so pretty, and could inspire anyone to cease and mix. 

I then followed up with Oyin’s Honey Wash, rinsed then DC’d with Aubrey Organics HoneySuckle Rose condish. Again…nothing but love for this conditioner! It glides amazingly well through my hair and works well when left for 25-45 min under a conditioning cap.  After my final cold rinse I decided to forgo my normal leave-in, KCKT, for KBB’s hair milk for experimenting purposes.  I wanted to pair KBB’s hair milk with Afroveda’s Curling Custard because I noticed a halo of frizz after using the custard with KCKT. 

The consistency of the KBB is light and worked a lot better with Afroveda’s Curling Custard.  Alone, the KBB milk left my hair well detangled and soft.  When paired with the custard, my hair instantly turned silky and well moisturized.  The true test of course is when all is said and dried, so this morning I was anxious to see how my twists turned out.  Unfortunately some were still a bit damp, but that was my fault for covering my hair with a night cap instead of letting it air dry:-(.

But the big reveal was a success! I have soft twists/curls with movement and zero frizz thus far. Earlier I’d been concerned about the frizz factor because it wasn’t dry 100%, but after taking the twists down I applied a smidge of KBB hair cream for a bit of added shine as well as to smooth down any potential frizz, and went about business.



 Countdown to Spring: 4 friggin days!!

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