Condish et Vous!

This week my hair and I have been in a fussy mood…or more so I’ve sort of put us there by unnecessarily toying with it at times, to just plain ignoring what it needed at night to re-moisturize. FOR SHAME! Yesterday turned out to be a pull hair back/headband sort of day…which was fine in the end because it was a nice welcome change.  But…last night I was still left with a fuzzy mound on my head and little time on my hands to re-wash & twist.  The last thing on my mind after a full day’s work is going through my week-ending ritual of washing/conditioning/styling!

While at work though I did convince myself to try something different in light of the lovely change in weather here in NYC.  Last night I re-instated a method that I usually reserve for those summer months…those easy breezy styles that make it okay to wear your hair wet, even when outside to air dry…(good times).  It’s an already popular method that I adopted two years ago that works well in a pinch!

Teri from  refers to it as the conditioner method, a straightforward easy way to style and condition your hair using specific types of rinsing and combing conditioners.  Before heading home I stopped by a local pharmacy to pick out a suitable combing conditioner, then scrambled home to douse my hair!

The basics of this method are simple:

  • cleanse scalp with an adequate rinsing conditioner (I used  Giovanni’s Deeper Moisture).  Think along the lines of Suave Naturals or VO5’s line of cheapies.  Click here to read Teri’s reasons why.
  • While hair is wet, divide into two sections.  Evenly distribute a good amount of combing conditioner to each side, making sure not to skimp! The trick is to add a bit more than you might be used to.  The idea is to also saturate the hair, not just coat it lightly. I usually do this while in the shower because it’s a lot easier to maintain the moisture I need.
  • Next step is to trust in your go-to detangling accessory, mine is the Denman, and begin the process of detangling.  Because your hair will be overly saturated with conditioner, this process should be a breeze! Make sure to start at the ends, and gradually work your way up.  I begin from the nape of my neck and work upwards, sectioning then pinning the finished parts in place when done. (this step can get a bit messy, so be prepared for a lathery mess of condish! keep a towel within reach;-)
  • Afterwards you should notice your curls separating on their own, forming individual strands. Teri recommends separating each one, then smoothing down to ‘reinforce the curl.’ Depending on how much hair you have and how much time you have, this step might appear a bit tedious.  To make things easier, I simply separated the curls, smoothed and sort of twisted them into coils in one swift motion.  At first it takes a bit of practice but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it really saves on time. 
  • Last step is to simply dry.  Less manipulation the better after completing the last step, cease from the curl touching!! My hair seems to air dry faster when conditioner is applied, so I had no problem donning my satin number and going to bed.

 I decided to go for the ringlet look with coils just about all over my head.  I’ve got fingers crossed they’ll stay intact by Friday or even Saturday, so I’m going to take care and tie them up at night. You can click here for some amazing before and after shots posted on Teri’s site.  The lovely lady by name of  Frances is pretty close to what my twists look like this morning.

I have my hair in a semi-up do for a fancy look but LOVE how easy it was to just pick up my coils and tuck them into place! Easy manipulation and next to zero fuss…it’s fantastic that the only product in my hair right now is a conditioner!

You can also click here to listen to some visual testimonials on how quick and easy this method is! If you’ve tried this method let me know how it’s worked for you, what combing/rinsing conditioners you’ve tried;-)!

2 Comments to “Condish et Vous!”

  1. That sounds really cool. Thank you for the tip!

    • no prob! It really works once you find the right rinsing conditioner…and easy once you get the hang of it;-)

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