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Here’s how I’m choosing to celebrate the beginnings of Spring….with a giveaway!! Last Friday was the official first day, but in all likelihood if you looked out your window in the a.m. like I did, you awoke to a freak snowstorm and not so friendly, nippy weather.  Yeah…we’re not off to the most predictable spring are we.  But I digressed in time to look on the bright side…I can officially begin my prep -work.

By prep work I do mean changing my approach to my skin, hair, and nail care.  It’s time to divy up my moisturizer plan by switching to lighter cremes.  Trimming my ends to prep for easy wash and go styles, and finally…FINALLY heading to my nearest nail salon for a long overdue manicure!

taylor1To accompany me on my transition I’m turning to this book, Dr. Susan Taylor’s Rx for brown skin, a comprehensive guide to managing and improving your beauty care regime.  Dr. Taylor covers a whole range of topics from skin, hair care, and nails and really delves into the do’s and don’ts of what it means to take care of pigmented skin.

There’s a pretty lengthy chapter devoted to hair and nail care which addresses both sides of the coin, basically how to best care for both relaxed and naturally textured hair.  She challenges basic myths related to hair growth, the basic composition of hair for women of color, as well as how to best condition and care for your hair by determining and working with hair texture.  She dives into the business of elasticity, density and porosity to help readers better understand what your hair is actually telling you! (i.e. strand tests and texture quizes to help check for elasticity, helping to determine hair breakage and proper maintenance for your hair)

This book has infinite amounts of info in it and is up for grabs because it’s always important to share;-)! Leave a comment down below or email be at sharing some of your beauty secrets and I’ll draw a name at random by 5 p.m. Friday.  Hopefully by then the sun will be out, and remember to springify this side of the world.


Hope everyone’s weekend was a goody;-)!


4 Comments to “Body Beautiful: Giveaway”

  1. tried and true, water, no matter the season.

    • I’ve been lagging behind on this…A LOT! with spring here I’m going to make an extra effort to hydrate with the ‘ol H2O;-)

  2. The Kiehl’s line has worked well for me, a bit pricey if you feel like splurging oncee in a while can be worth it..

    • I always thought them a bit on the pricey end, but they do use some nice ingredients…my guess is you get what you pay for…hopefully…lol

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