Hair Rant

curlLately I’ve been noticing some changes in my hair, scalp and skin.  They’ve sort of bonded and become increasingly sensitive to A LOT of the products I’ve been trying over the past few months, even old staples that I’ve been devout over for some time.  Frustrating!! It’s been a slow process, one that started with my skin, forcing me to switch face washes, invest in expensive corrective lotions, and then finally make that inevitable call to the dermatologist.  The texture of my skin has changed over the years as well, and I’m sure it has much to do with age, coupled with diet and most importantly, my water intake…but I’m still a bit peeved that I’m having to make so many costly adjustments!

My scalp has also become beyond sensitive over the past several years.   Before going natural rarely did I have problems with over-dryness, flakes or irritation. But once I did the BC, my scalp went on a journey of specitivity…forcing me to try, and re-try different products that wouldn’t irritate…hence, this is how the PJ in me surfaced;-).  After visiting my dermatologist I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis, an irritation that often targets the scalp but also found on other parts of the skin.  I have a mild case that sparks up when I apply products with way too many ingredients, or apply something that has little to zilch in nourishing properties.  To combat this, I’ve been careful in choosing DC’s and styling products that have nourishing oils, which my scalp appreciates, and mostly natural ingredients that aren’t broken down too much. 

Vigilance is sort of key for me these days, which can be a pain because…over time you do tend to over-think what may or may not be good for your hair or scalp and just go willy nilly on whatever other people suggest, including your dermatologist.  Over the past couple of months I’ve been prescribed countless cremes, pills and foams to help with the irritation, but found that they’re either too messy and cumbersome to apply…or they just don’t work.  A topical oil which my doctor prescribed had mineral oil listed as the second ingredient!   Which is why I’m trying my darndest these days to come up with my own remedy.

I’m not in the kitchen concocting potions and cremes, but I am choosing  to pay extra attention to what goes near my scalp & face…normally whatever I apply around the nape of my neck or around my edges in terms of styling products, often determines how sensitive both my face and scalp are to that product. 

This past weekend I was extremely pressed for time and had to condense my hair routine into about an hour and a half, opting for a quick co-wash, no DC and a style that consisted of Lustrasilk, KBB’s hair milk.  The end result would have been acceptable if…and only IF I’d allowed my hair sufficient time to dry.  I’d gone to bed with wet hair, awoke with damp hair…and untwisted to a puffy mound just in time for the start of my work week.  My hair…not so happy with this ‘new’ routine.  The week prior I’d revisited the conditioner method, and had costly buildup from the product I’d decided to use…I basically styled my hair on over-conditioned hair this past weekend!! A big no no when it comes to my hair…over-conditioning means my hair takes longer to dry, remains hard and brittle for 3-4 days after the wash and truly resembles a nest of knots and snarls. 

So this weekend is my return to normal.  I’m continuously finding that being natural  involves staying focused and not straying too far from what naturally works for your hair, scalp and even skin.  I missed my ACV…in all it’s stinky glory.  I long for the silky feeling of my Curl Rehab, and the nourishing properties of my Coconut Oil.  I’ve come to realize that I don’t want to spend 60 bucks on oils and foams to treat my scalp irritations, the smart savvy PJ in me just needs to open other doors and seek cheaper, more effective (natural) treatments.  And while my skin does react well to the potions and cremes prescribed by my dermatologist, I realize that I can do better in other areas…the body washes and cleansers that I use on my skin have the same chemicals I’ve scratched from my hair routine…why not eliminate it all together…?


It’s worth a shot.


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  1. Every year I go through this. I try to incorporate new products only to run back to tried and true staples. My skin is super sensitive too and now I use a lot of fragrance-free natural products, which helps a lot. Check out natural lines of baby products (Nature’s Gate, Jason’s, California Baby) for body washes and lotions. They’re usually gentle and loaded with natural ingredients. My remedy for an irritated scalp? Calendula oil. Good at healing and soothing irritated skin.



    • I’ve heard calendula used in a lot of recipes for dermatitis, so definitely something I’ll look into, thanks! I ordered a catalog from mountainroseherbs to get a head start on my search for a remedy.

      Fragrance free is a good start too, all the products I currently use have an overly perfumed scent…which smell great after the days done, but in the long run I’m thinking are down right irritant to my skin. Great tips;-)!!

  2. first off… thanks for being featured on my blog! the post is great 🙂

    i would definitely advocate natural products. i mean, they’re messy (that’s the thing i’ve struggled with.) but not having ANY side effects is just priceless.

    but i do think hair changes over time. it’s weird.

    • thanks for stopping by! Messy is right though…but practice and patience do get you there! The first time I tried my bentonite treatment I wanted to scream…lol! But the second time was easy and I achieved even better results.

  3. Damn girl, this hair/scalp shit is mad deep.
    Hope the hair/scalp ritual goes well.
    I think is time to get nice Hair Dryer to shorten and ease your drying time.

    • how’d u know that’s what I wanted!!!lol. I Couldn’t resist and bought one the other day;-)!

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