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How crazy am I?!



gold1Tomorrow begins my hair’s return to normal via The Process, and yesterday, on yet another whim, I decided to purchase something I’ve been loooonging for!! A soft bonnet dryer!!! Thankfully it doesn’t resemble the one this lovely gal is wearing…I mean…that look is too 80’s even for me…but I did pick up the HOT TOOLS soft bonnet dryer  from my local BSS, Ricky’s here in NYC!  I’d luv to say that I don the rouge and full on makeup when doing my hair but…eh…I just don’t.  But lately I’ve been anxious to save on time and reduce the frizz factor in the a.m., so hopefully my bonnet will aid in that department…I won’t have to feel trepidation when wanting to set my hair!!! I can’t wait!


Maybe I can finally try that long over-do roller set?

Or that flexi-rod set I saw mentioned on one of my fav blogger’s site!


5 Comments to “Hot Tools”

  1. I actually have the bonnet this lady is wearing and I love it! It may not look all that great but it certainly gets the job done.

    • you’re right, as long as it gets the job done, I’m all for it. I used my soft bonnet for the first time yesterday and realized I look quite similiar to her anyway…lol! once I turned it on, the cap ballooned, but the end result sooooo worth it!

  2. pleeeeease tell me if they are still selling this dryer i cant find it anywhere!!

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