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My Internets are sort of back and running, albeit slowly, so I’m petering around my blog network…reading and catching up on posts that I’ve missed.  Product Junkie Diva’s  site recently posted a love shoutout to a really awesome and inspiring new on-line mag called Clutch! If you haven’t already, check them out now! But wait, be prepared to spend some time digging through their archives, because there is where you’ll find info & advice  on celebs, beauty,  lifestyle and tons more to feed the urban bella in you! I visited the site during it’s early weeks of conception, and lately have been impressed by their new face lift which is inspiring the hidden stylista feme in me.  I’m digging around their blog network that’s sort of a one-stop destination for everything in your life! Hard to choose a fav, but I’ve been lingering around Fuchsia, Golden and of course the parent Clutch, for my daily fix of hair, beauty, and lifestyle advice! From those who’ve just recently begun transitioning to others who are so far down the PJ ladder they need help in figuring out what really works for their hair, Clutch has got you covered!  Here’s some more info on the other networking blogs:


Solidifying our status as a rising powerhouse in the new media industry, CLUTCH has launched a niche blog network, the first specifically for women of color . The CLUTCH blog network, updated 3-6 times daily, offers insights and information on  topics such as fashion, entertainment, beauty and parenting.

The Edge

Entertainment news and hearsay from the fringe of mainstream culture. The Edge provides the freshest,  insightful “hip-smart” commentary as it pertains to those in the know. We administer a daily dose of  the most intriguing chatter about everything from your favorite personalities to rants about TV, Film, Music and much more.


All fashion, all the time, Stylisticis the ultimate fashion sanctuary for urban  stylistas worldwide.  With daily styling tips, collection reviews, looks for less and more, every feature is  meant to keep Clutchette’s both fashionably self-confident and knowledgeable shoppers.


Paper is here to help you get your money right and prepare yourselves for the career you’ve always dreamed of! With tips on education, money management, and career placement, we hope to get you all just a few steps closer to living a prosperous life. So whether you’re a soon-to-be college grad or going back to pick up an extra degree, working for a Fortune 500 Company or recently unemployed, visit “Paper” to touch up on the skills and planning you’ll need to make the most out of your current situation.


Padis our home décor blog. Looking to renovate, redecorate, or simply spice up an old space in your house? You’ve come to the right place! “Pad” will highlight all the latest products, techniques, and tips that you’ll need to tackle that home décor project with ease.


Internationally known, the premier blog for those who choose to be informed  and empowered on news, politics, health and more.


Basically, I’ve fallen back in love with the mag scene! I was a devout back in the days of Honey and Vibe Vixen, but withdrew my time when both folded.  Clutch mag-online is lead by the fashion savvy Dede Sutton, founder and creative director…with her this site just ooooozes cutting edge vivre!  Also sitting on the editorial board is the beautifully inspiring brains of Michaela Angela Davis and Kevin Powell just to drop a few.  No doubt the vision of this brand and it’s audience will  reach many smart & ‘sexy urban female.’  

Click here to read Ms. Davis’ love letter to her readers.  I’ve been a HUGE fan of Ms. Davis since her days at Essence and continue to follow her career because I sincerely believe she is one of the strongest voices for up and coming African American women.  Visit Clutch, browse …catch up on what you’ve missed, and decide for yourself;-)


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    • thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed;-)! I’m still sifting through all the info on Clutch…lol!

  1. Great post! Though MAD is not behind or lead Clutch – Dede Sutton is – I think she is just blogging for them every now and then. But, Dede is a young woman who is the brains and behind Clutch. MAD is just someone who is a fan of Clutch and ask if she could be apart of Clutch. I would hate for someone beside Dede and her staff to get accolades for something so wonderful they have done.

    • thanks for saying that and clarifying that Michaela is not a lead at Clutch and it’s Dede that should get the real shine. just like Michaela is not the lead of Black Girls Rock, DJ Beverly Bond is, but MAD seems to get more shine for that too. maybe it’s her being “outspoken” a lot but not giving props that leads to the confusion.

      • Hey Layla!
        I think it’s always important to give credit where credit is due, and I think you’re right…MAD is quite outspoken, and it works to her benefit as well as to those hearing her message. Yet I do understand the confusion…Dede is more of a behind the scenes creative person… nonetheless she defintely deserves the shine for making Clutch what it is and stands for. Nothing but love for all these women;-)!

  2. ps – check out Dede’s editor’s letter – she explains MAD and other people such as Kevin Powell, Kierna Mayo – co founder of Honey who are all big supporters of Clutch.

    • Thanks Lauren for the heads up! I knew MAD was on the editorial board, but forgot to give props where due;-)! I’ll be sure to check out her letter as well!

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