‘Infusion Moderator’…

I’m a product junkie…yes, I am.  Ever since I was able to take a comb to my own hair, I’ve been hooked on finding the latest conditioners, styling products, puddings, custards, gels…etc.  My mother chides me for it, my housemate shakes her head in disbelief each time a package arrives in my name….I’m well known for my addiction. Yes.  And while I do know it borders on the odd side of practicality sometimes…I’m still often able to take a step back…and laugh at my crazy ways. Every PJ does… I think;-)!



2 Comments to “‘Infusion Moderator’…”

  1. Too funny! This vid made my day.

    • she’s hysterical…all her videos are. Whenever I need a reality check i turn to this…lol

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