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This past week I had the pleasure of sauntering into one of many hidden jems here in NYC.  Friday was sort of the kickstart to what turned out to be an amazingly beautiful weekend, weather wise at least.  The feeling in the air was carefree, and I decided to take a walk further downtown before heading home.  Walking along Mulberry Street in DT NYC, you’re likely to trip over….well hardly anything. These streets are mercifully less crowed than the tourist packed roads you leave behind.  Instead, what you will find are countless small-ended boutiques and shops tailored for the individual who harps on standing out and being on top of the newest trends.  Rarely do I include myself in this category, but somehow my PJ radar was arching in the direction of Bath Junkie, a concept store that allows you to mix, match and create your own Bath products!!

If you’re in bath & body PJ certifiable land…then this is most definitely your mecca.  No joke…I walked into this store with an all-n-out deadpan expression…took one look around  and knew for certain I was in trouble.  What you’ll find are tons of empty bottles, but more importantly…different ways to experiment with what actually goes into those bottles!

I’m talking creating and mixing your own bubble bath, moisturizer, salt scrub, body mist, shower gel, hair conditioner, body wash & so much more! Custom blend your moisturizer while choosing from 200 different scents that vary from botanical to spicy essential oils of almond, basil, french vanilla, sage & rosemary.  The ongoing list of scents is crazy, and like a PJ fool you could probably sit there and mix and match a million and one potions, but I did manage to come way with a sweet mix of Almond, Honey Oatmeal! If you’re at all familiar with Carol’s Daughter’s line of Almond Cookie, think along those lines…Yum!!

junkie1My scent was mixed to form a Body Dessert  an all over shea butter conditioning creme that doubles as a  light moisturizer that you can use in the shower, or afterwards as a  light body spritz.  Blended with shea, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter I was easily swayed into making my own 4oz. bottle to take home and sample!  The moisturizers are paraben/ mineral oil free for those with sensitive skin, and nary an animal is touched while testing the line of goodies, so cruelty free!  A self-declared ‘drop-in spa,’ with an ‘upscale Manhattan loft,’ appeal, this place will incite the mix-tress in anyone! 

All I could think of really while sniffing at the different scents and bases is how much fun my Mom would have! My mum luvs her some scrub and lotion to make her feel fresh & relaxed after taking a shower.  Her favorite line of products is from the Origins line…particularly their Lavender-Vanilla scent that is sooooo amazingly fresh scented and beautiful, she’d often scold me for using too much.  All in all, a great concept/idea for Mother’s day, friend’s birthday, special occasion etc.  They have locations well throughout the country, so hopefully if you’re not in the NYC area there’s one within power walking distance!  The prices are affordable but most importantly reasonable considering how everyone’s watching their pennies and dimes.  Not for nothing, but I was really  inspired to run home and seriously mix it up with all the goodies I had lying around;-)!


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  1. Great post! Definitely gotta check out that place one day.

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