When I first began this blog in the beginning of the year, I was desperately in need of an outlet to funnel some creative energy.  Nothing terribly substantial…after all, pumping out product reviews and outlining my hair regimen isn’t exactly the greatest channel for creative fun…but it was right for the time.  A dam sort of burst allowing me to finally say…it’s alright…really it is, to just talk about hair, beauty products and whatever is on your mind.  So what if there are numerous other blogs, sites & forums touching on the same topics you are…at the end of the day it just feels good to be a part of the machine rather than have to work against it.  I can only speak for myself…but to those who do read this blog, comment…or even host your own space of hair lovin, beauty sharin fun…the good vibes are truly something special.

On the same token…once you do decide to blog and open up your thoughts to the world, countless other influences will eventually seep in…some good…others bad.  Personally, I tend to focus on the good…simply because it makes more sense this way, and also I’m able to move towards my goals at a much faster pace….change comes quicker and much more clear.  But in order to keep moving, it’s always a good idea to actually have a goal in mind…even if you can’t see the finish line…envision it.

Thankfully, the good that’s been seeping in has given me a set of new eyes…ones that are a bit more focused.  I made a list back in January of to-do’s for my hair…I also purchased a datebook/calendar to keep track of that whole ‘new year, new you’ bandwagon feeling.  Honestly, I’ve done good…yet know that I can still do better.  Cutting back on heat has been fair…nary a hot comb or blow dryer has gone near my head! The ‘poo’ has been kept ‘low’ or ‘no’ for the past couple weeks…& my scissor happy stylist and I have bid adieu.


Time for  a new list!


I’ve always been the high priestess of change over the years and frankly…I miss feeling a sense of liberation with my hair/style. I could blame it on my 9-5, corporate new life…yet I’m reluctant because it feels like a cop-out.  With the blessing of un-official Summer this past weekend,  I snagged an itch to change it up a bit.  A lot of folks call it the restless syndrome…you come bursting out of hibernation, full of energy and more anxious than ever!  Yesterday while looking in the mirror…I was thinking a cut…a new shape…new color?  All possible…I’ve never been too scared of the scissors, length is always good, but for some reason has never been a said goal.  I’m still hesitant to pay anyone to cut my hair these days…funds have been short and it takes time to find someone you trust with your $$ and hair.  Color is ALWAYS an option…and Summer practically demands a girl to accessorize with some kind of hue.

Over the next couple weeks I do plan to focus more on my scalp issues…and by focus I do mean fix this thing that’s been a problem for faaaaar too long.  Applying a bentonite treatment in 90 degree temps last week sort of renewed my ambition;-0! Aside from this blog, I’ve been jotting down rinse recipes that have amazing healing properties for the scalp and hope to revive the mixtress in me soon enough.


Looks are important…yah, and I’m feeling a bit brighter these days… change is also in order…at least for the blog, so look for a new ‘look’ in the coming days;-)!  I don’t have a ‘Spotlight’ to feature this month because nothing interesting has caught my eye, so instead I’ll be doing a giveaway! Tommorrow I’ll round up my PJ’ness and post the gist;-)




4 Comments to “Muse”

  1. Great post! I definitely feel you on the need to have a creative outlet. One thing that I did not anticipate when I started blogging is the effort(not always but often) that I put into having something interesting to say rather than just having something to say.

    By the way, I’m afraid of the scissors too- its a pain growing hair out after a bad cut and I’ve had way too many of those.

    • it IS hard sometimes! A lot of bloggers make it appear easy…but to be consistent with a message and voice on a regular basis take a lot of work! I admire those who take it to the tenth degree…they are my blogging heroes;-)

  2. I’m not sure if I use my blog for creative outlet, but I know I use it because I have no one to talk natural hair with! I find everything about it care, style, history so interesting and no one else around me does or they just think I’m vain and obsessed with hair 😦

    • oddly enough, I feel the same way…lol! And the only reason I find it strange to feel this way is because I live in NYC where the natural community is bustling and in full force! But while it is getting bigger, some of the natural heads are still a bit far between…and a little harder to pin down and talk to about this stuff. But I agree with you Alice…my friends all agree that I might be a bit obsessed with it…but sometimes I think that’s the way it goes when there’s no immediate feedback from those around you;-)

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