Later than Never

curlOkay, so this post is late because I’ve just been late with a bit of everything this week. Is it possible to use the word moving without adding chaos to the mix? Yes…No? Well, it’s been a chaotic moving whirlwind on my end over the past couple of days. My workplace is restructuring, and moving office spaces comes with the territory. From lifting and packing boxes last week, to lifting and unpacking crap this arms better look Michelle Obamaish by tomorrow a.m. But Sunday was my rest day AND… me hair day…and because I was feeling a bit feverish with fatigue I opted to keep the process a bit simple…or as simple as natural hair can afford while still looking fabulous;-)!

To keep it simple and hassle free, I stuck to last week’s regime and hoped for the best, Pre-pooed with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Condish, followed by a co-wash. ACV’d with a bit of Khoret Oil added, then finished with Nature’s Gate Tea Tree Calming to help alleviate the smell. DC this week was Oyin’s Honey Hemp Condish for 45 min, followed by a cold rinse, styled with KBB’s Hair Nectar & Afroveda’s Shea-Amla Whipped Crème. Clipped the roots down, air dried for 5-6 hours and woke up the next morning to slightly damp twists. I blame it the humidity, but at the same time I completely forgot to remove any excess water from my hair. With the thickness of my hair it’s always a better idea to soak up as much water from hair before applying any styling product.

So the a.m left me with only slightly damp twists…not too disappointing. I applied a bit of KBB hair crème and called it a day. What ended up being the frizz culprit the following day was a string of intense humid temperatures and some freakish rain storms that tore through the east coast. What was initially supposed to look like 2nd day hair, instead reverted to something along the lines of 5-6 day hair….I had poof & volume for days! Still had movement, but had to remoisturize Monday evening with a touch more Shea-Amla Crème. Tuesday night I conditioned the do by simply re-twisting the hair, rolled the twists into tight pinwheel curls and enjoyed a curly fro this morning…a style I genuinely missed because it has the ability to last for days!

Next week will be another bentonite treatment with my root herbs! My hair and scalp seriously thrived after each application, and I definitely felt a slight difference in texture this week. I’m thinking at the very least twice a month with the bentonite, and a slow return to some co-washing (daily or every other day).


*I’m late on two fronts. My Oyin Review & my Afroveda Review. All to come when I get the feeling back in my arms;-)

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  1. Michelle Obamaish- funny:) Rain has not been good to my hair this week. I’m halfway there to looking like I’m rocking the natural look.

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