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Yep…MIA is my middle name. At least for the past couple of crazy rollercoaster days. To say that I was a bit struck by all that’s been happening in the news lately…I mean it’d be a huge understatement to say the least. Business is of course run as head to work, eat, sleep …thank the lord you’re here to see another day. Sunday was typical, wake up, head to market, wash/style hair type day…though it felt anything but ordinary. It’s hard…in the industry I work in, the buzz right now is all about solidifying on the hype of MJ. $$$., which makes it a bit difficult to cope with the loss of such a HUGE contributor to some of the BEST memories I’ve had as a child. I was never a bandwagoner of his music or life…though I did feel a deep sense of sadness watching how far he had to fall simply because he’d gotten up so far ahead of everyone in the game.

In the meantime I’ve been listening to vintage MJ, and forcing my ears shut when faced with all the negativity churned on my the press/media. I’m also still in the midst of a laptop crisis, so posting will be scarce until next week.

Have a Blessed & Happy Fourth Everyone;-)!


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  1. I think we all are still in shock. I did a lot of downloading of MJ on my iPod. I didn’t watch too much televison on him, because it just too much crap.

    I wish BET would have done a better job celebrating MJ. :o)

    • I agree! BET didn’t come through in the end which is unfortunate, but hopefully the family will pay his life/music some much overdue respect. In the meantime, I’m with you…lol..I’ve had the Thriller record on heavy rotation on my Ipod;-)

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