How to Be Fierce

How to Be Fierce


The blogs are a buzz….Twitter is over capacity (but what else is new), Michelle Obama’s new do has been pushed aside entirely because Solange Knowles decided to shed some pounds by using some shears.  If you don’t know what the big deal is, chances are you’ve never done it, are curious as to why someone would…or envious that she looks amazingly beautifully sans hair.  So, is hair really just…hair?  Obviously not.  For the love of all that is natural…refrain if you can from calling her, crazy, stupid, narcissistic, retarded, ugly, selfish, clueless, crying out for help…’bald is beautiful’ is hardly an argument,… it’s a given.  A better question to ask is…how does it feel to be so liberated?  Where can I get me some of that confidence?


8 Comments to “BuZZzzz…”

  1. I’m sorry but Solange looks so ugly with that buzz cut (granted she doesn’t look any better with hair) and this is coming from a natural who did the buzz cut last year. This buzz bandwagon is annoying and so played out, only the beautiful Amber Rose is doing the “baldie” any justice. However I must say I applaud her “confidence” and hope she takes the natural route; now that would be different and interesting.

    • I think Amber Rose looks great without hair, I think she’d look great even WITH hair, …but I’m not sure it this is really a ‘trend’…not in my book…Summer is typically the time to experiment with hair, the time to color, cut, style it completely different…Both times I BC’d were in the summer because it honestly just made more sense.

  2. Her buzz is SO much better than her weaves/wigs/previous hair. It sets her apart from everyone else in the industry, which for someone who is in Beyonce’s shadow all the time is probably a good thing.

    I didn’t do a full buzz cut when I BCed, but having short hair is so FREEING. It’s ridiculous, even though I wanted long hair since I’ve BCed, I can’t see myself growing my hair out super long. I don’t think it would suit me 🙂

    • I agree, I think she’s always strived to set herself apart from her sister, which…I think can only benefit her in the long run. Her sound is different, her style, and her hair as well. But I’ve always had the feeling she was natural underneath the added hair…her sister is natural as well, but chooses to wear the weave caps. I could only assume it’s at times a matter of what’s more suitable for performing onstage…with my mane I’d want to cover it up before a show where I’d be a dancing machine, sweating coming out of all my pores.

  3. Wow! I’ve been so lost in my own world that I did not hear about this. And I did not recognize her at first. She looks good.

  4. I didn’t have a clue that Solange cut her hair. Interesting! I really can’t see her face…so no comment from me. If she’s fierce with it…GO FOR IT. It’s Just Hair!

  5. I’ve been sad to read a lot of the negative comments on blogs about her cut. I think she was very brave and it would be cool to have someone else in the industry go natural since there’s so few. (She also cut her hair low back when she was pregnant a few years ago) Hopefully the negativity doesn’t push her back to the wigs/weaves.

    • i think that it’s pretty ironic though…she’s done this several times before, but apparently no one cared back when she was less in the limelight and couldn’t sell papers and spark a debate. I’m with you though, hopefully the negative attitudes will die down…

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