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Still playing catchup to what’s been floating around the blogosphere/Internet over the past few weeks due to my lack of computer.  A handful of product reviews that I wanted to bang out the door are still waiting in the wings, along with a few e-mails that I have yet to respond to (bear with me!).  But with no Spotlight last month, I felt it only necessary to hodgepodge this month’s finds and goodies!   Small favors that I’ve been diggin like crazy, mainly because of how well they worked, how yummy they smell and how much I’m looking forward to trying out even more from these lines!

Lately, the PJ in me has dimmed ever so slightly, forcing me to race past all the Sephoras that are loitered throughout the city…all the pretty & chic boutiques that line the avenues of my neighborhood, but most importantly all the on-line boutiques that have bombarded me with e-mails proclaiming SALE 50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING! ARrrgh!!

But you know what, as frustrating as it’s been…I’ve still been good.  I’m still dipping into the stash that I currently have (which is STILL a heaping mound of whatnots), and every so often I will indulge in a small treat. 

bee2One of the things I’m instantly attracted to whether it’s the dawn of winter or the height of summer is a smooth & nourishing lip balm.  Since I was a small kid I’ve had a thing for their cute packaging (umm…Hello Kitty!), ability to smell like watermelon, tangerine and all the other fruit drinks I had in my lunchbox growing up.  Naturally though, you begin to choose favorites and preferences emerge when your doctor uses words like ‘winter itch’, or ‘eczema’.  I know!  How could they.  But turning this negative into a positive, I was able to explore the world of Lip Butters!  I’ve found favorite vendors from EtsyAnita Grant, Bath & Body Works, and my new favorite, Honey House

What I like best about this line is their natural approach to producing bath & body products.  From their honey filled soaps to their signature moisturizing Bee Bar, a hand and body lotion bar, all their goodies look and feel like a serious treat for your skin.  I snagged the signature Bee Bar, (vanilla scented) & the Vanilla Almond Lip Butter which does an amazing job in keeping my lips smooth for hours at a time.  The lip butters come in either a tube or tin for easy carrying.

 Like a kiss to the lips… Pomegranate oil has been added to the Lip Butter tubes for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory qualities. Other superior Natural Oils are Shea, Jojoba & Kukui Nut to soften, moisturize and protect. What a relief for dry, cracked lips! Other flavors are: Apple Pear, Mango, Peppermint, Vanilla Berry, Natural, and Mandarin. Try them all!

Right now I’ve got my eye on the lavendar scented Beer Bar, the Honey Blossom Soap and the vanilla berry lip butter.  They have several distrutors throuhgout the northeast, click here to find a store.

My next find has been a staple in my routine for the past few months simply because it’s managed to work better than any face zajawash, face polish, facial scrub I’ve tried over the years.  In the past I’ve sampled from St. Ives Apricot Scrub to Origin’s Never A Dull Moment  face polisher and neither has left my skin as clean and fresh feeling. Zaja Natural’s Dead Sea Mud Foaming Face & Body Scrub is honestly one of the best in making that ‘at home spa’ experience come to light. I purchased this months ago during a PJ frenzy along with their Amber Sandalwood Spa Soap Bar, and could not believe how much dirt and grime it sloughed away to leave me with and oil free T-zone and a clean face.



A wonderful skin confection that you won’t be able to resist diving into. Made with pure handmade cream soap, genuine dead sea mud, camelina meal, strawberry seeds, grape seeds, jojoba oil, pure cane sugar, dead sea clay and rhassoul clay. Formulated to lather into a soft creamy texture and gently scrub away all your worries without scratching or irritating your skin.

Dead sea mud has so many minerals that are just wonderful for the skin and has been used for many centuries are part of a daily beauty regimen. Camelina acts as a skin defoliant and opens up the pores so that the cleanser can take the bad stuff out of your skin so the good stuff can go to work. Rhassoul volcanic clay contains a high percentage of magnesium plus silica, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and lithium, the wonderful elements that we need to survival and purification. Added scrubbies to gently exfoliate dead skin cells so that your skin can begin to renew itself and reveal the gorgeous skin within. Couple this with our plain unscented unrefined Shea butter or our Pure Monoi De Tahiti oil and your skin will glow and you will look and feel great!

I use the scrub typically once-twice a week before going to bed.  I take a small scoop with my finger. which is really all you need to cover your entire face, and massage the mud until it becomes a frothy, creamy consistency.  By then, I move in circular motions for 3-5 minutes, cold rinse and apply moisturizer before heading to bed.  In the morning my face is clearer, and my pores look significantly smaller.  It truly does feel like a spa moment after that final rinse because of how FRESH & CLEAN your face becomes.  Zaidat, the creator and owner of Zaja Naturals has an AMAZING collection of bar soaps, butters, deodorants…and all are handmade! Soap names include the delicious sounding Coconut Cream Pie Soap & the Blackberry Vanilla Musk soap…all on my ‘get’ list.

 If you’re an avid Etsy shopper, stop by her shop and DO NOT sleep on these goodies.  The only problem you’ll find is the overwhelming need to buy up everything on the site because it all sounds and LOOKS yummy!  You can also visit her original stomping ground @

If you guys have any Etsy sellers to shoutout drop me a line, or leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear any new discoveries from the handmade community;-).

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