Has This Happened to You…



So, I’m back on the Youtube patrol after my brief hiatus, seeking out vids on natural hair, and what I’m finding is a real….HUGE  resurgence in what’s out there for the natural hair community!  Afrobella did a post relative to this topic just yesterday over @BV Hair Talk (LOVE that she’s our go-to gal on this site), and I think it’s just soooo timely & necessary to give these ladies their proper due.  They work it each and every time they get in front of that camera to inspire and motivate all naturally/curly/kinky ladies.  What Ayana addresses in this video is  a plague on all curly haired/kinky coiled ladies out there, yet she reminds us what’s really important in the end.  Anywho, what I found I’d like to share…


Press Play;-)


6 Comments to “Has This Happened to You…”

  1. Her hair is FIERCE!

    Just so you know, YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED 🙂

  2. I love it. Frizz is my friend. Especially for big styles. She looks good (and she must know it because she’s kinda playing with it and smiling all through the video. lol).

    • she’s my new fav natural on the youtube scene…all her videos are inspiring and full of so much info! “Frizz is my friend” really should be every natural girl’s mantra…lol

  3. One time i swear my hair took 21/2 days to dry no word of a lie. Good thing I didn’t have anywear to go. 🙂

    • lol…I believe you. Last time that happend to me was when I used the Kinky Curly custard…my hair just WOULD NOT dry.

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