Moisture Patrol

curlAlrighty, so nothing fancy this week.  The only thing left to concentrate on that’s been placed atop my ‘hair to do’ list, is how to maintain moisture well throughout the week.  Oddly enough, this has never been a problem for my hair during the Summer/warmer months.   In the past I’ve been able to rock wash-n-go’s with no thought to weather or any other bizarre factor.  This past Saturday though, I finally did my first wash-n-go using some leftover condish….the end result was…well the result left me 30 minutes late for work and my hair in a pulled back bun.  Sunday morning I awoke to a tangled nest of dry hair…again.  Lately my hair refuses to remain moisturized in between washes causing a bit of breakage if I’m not careful with my HIFS.

islandIn order to replenish the moisture that I’d lost over the cost of the week, I pre-pooed with AOHR mixed with water (about 3 tblsp mixed with about 80z water), massaged in, then applied my Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bar (Olive Babassu). 

Rich, mild, and moisturizing! For centuries, Mediterranean woman have relied on olive oil to help maintain radiant hair. A gentle oil rich in oleic acid, olive oil easily penetrates and makes your hair shiny, silky, and lustrous. Olive oil promotes full-bodied hair and a healthy scalp. Emollient rich, deeply nourishing babassu oil moisturizes and restores hair strength and elasticity, for strong, soft, silky, shiny, healthy-looking hair. Made with 25% unrefined shea butter which absorbs quickly into the scalp to provide deep nourishment for the hair shaft, as it moisturizes and softens dry, dull, or damaged hair; resulting in improved luster and manageability. Particularly beneficial for processed, overworked hair, shea butter is an excellent treatment for dry scalp and is also believed to help promote new hair growth.

I worked in a pretty good lather before lightly rinsing.  DC this week is a newbie from the Aubrey Organics family, Island Naturals.  I headed to Vitamin Shop to stock up this week and realized that I hadn’t yet sampled this condish that’s geared towards ‘dry’ ‘frizzy’ hair.  It claims to detangle, control & define without weighing down hair.  It’s also a replenishing conditioner with Almond Protein (strengthens hair fiber)  as one of it’s active ingredients.

Instant moisture-replenishing conditioner and detangler puts your hair at ease, restoring manageability and sheen with rich plant butters.  Leaves lengths silky-smooth and softens and defines curls without weighing down the hair.

To be honest, the Island Naturals is giving my lovely Honeysuckle Rose a run for it’s money.  Differences between the two aren’t terribly striking…the Honeysuckle Rose aims to heal dry ‘brittle’ hair while the Island Naturals wants to smooth & condition dry ‘frizzy’ hair.  The Island Naturals has jojoba butter & organic coconut milk, while the Honeysuckle Rose boasts Oranic Aloe & Honeysuckle Oil.  The selling point for me…seriously after TEN minutes of debating back and forth…was the almond protein.  I hadn’t used a protein conditioner in a good moment and figured my hair could withoustand a small amount of repair.

Overall, I fancy this condish because it instantly calmed my flyaway and helped reduce my current frizz situation almost immediately.  After detangling, I left  in for an hour under a conditioning cap then cold rinsed.  My hair was left soft and free of frizz despite the rising temperature in my place!  To style I returned to Darcy’s Botanicals and their Transitioning creme/detangler under the Madagascar Styling creme.  I air dried my twists this week because I had ample time in the day to do so, and unraveled nice, springy, well moisturized hair this morning!  The weather outside had the familiar air of humdity, and thankfully my curls did not droop or frizz up.  Hopefully I can prolong the twist-out for…4 days…six days…?  Fingers crossed;-)

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