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Yeah! I’ve been tagged by the fabulous Alice over at Diary of a Kinky Curly Transitioner!  Who is also a regular contributor of the newly revamped Coil review! If you haven’t already checked them out, please do! Knowledge, info…and product reviews!!

And I think it’s only right that for my 100th post I tell you guys:

Ten Things About Me!



  1. I am a Sagittarius
  2. I say that I’m a Sagittarius, but can never really tell you what that means:-(
  3. I kinda like baseball. Yeah, my older brother was a little league sport and I was hooked as a kid. (GooOOOOO YANKEES!)
  4. I have an older brother who’s two years older than me, though we look TOO much alike..lol.
  5. I’ve lived in NY all my life and can’t see myself living anywhere else…
  6. Even though I’ve lived here all my life…I secretly desire to live in Paris, or somewhere where cobblestone streets are the norm
  7. I’m a bookworm…always have been. Hence the field I work in. ( I will throw a book at you if you want me to;-)
  8. I’ve BC’d 2 ½ times in my life. First in college, second time was after I cut off my locks, and the third after my heat damaged fiasco involving a not so savvy stylist. Hrrmph!
  9. I have secret aspirations to one day publish a novella of some kind…maybe a young adult novel.
  10. I have pet peeves up the waZZOO! Men/Women wearing socks with sandals (whaaaa…!!) Men’s cologne (can’t stand for some reason), leaving a calendar on May when we’re actually in AUGUST. Delivery folks who ask for tip…subsequently when I do hand over the tip they grimace and curse me under their breathe (we’re in a recession people!). Men thinking they’re better drivers than women. The underuse of the word ‘Thank You’ these days and the grace to actually mean it.


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6 Comments to “Tagged: Ten Things about Moi”

  1. I know how you feel, my brother and I look way to similar @_@

    • it’s gotten better as we’ve both gotten older, but put us both in the same room and someone is ALWAYS bound to comment on our resemblance…lol

  2. Hi Chai!

    I feel you on the men/women wearing socks with sandals. That is not cute….at all.


    • i know! I think if you’re older you may get a free pass…BUT if you’re young and springy…no excuses. It just…defeats the purpose in soooo many ways…lol

  3. I got some real-life stuffs you can put in your adult novel. lol

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