Maxwell: Bad Habits


Here’s the deal, below is the new Maxwell video for BAD HABITS off his newly released album BlackSummer’s Night.  Yes, we LOVE! I didn’t expect this to be a video posting week, but heck..these artists are just refreshing our lives with goodies…I can’t help it! I’ve heard through the grapevine that it’s ummmm….perhaps a tad inappropriate for work, so I can’t press play until I get home.  But you guys get to enjoy, and please…feel free to make me jealous by telling me how GREAT he looks;-)!



5 Comments to “Maxwell: Bad Habits”

  1. I saw the video and I like it, but it’s a little slow in places. However, I still LOVE Maxwell.

    • I agree…I love the song, and of course Maxwell in any capacity…but I got the nagging feeling something was missing…nonetheless, it’s just great to have him on the screen again;-0

  2. I also love the song and the video. But from the way people talked about it, I expected it to be like Eric Benet’s “Chocolate Legs”. It didn’t get me hot-n-bothered as that one but I did still enjoy it. And I still love me some Maxwell.

  3. I absolutely love this song!!!!!! Kerry Washington looks great in this vid and so does Maxwell. Overall a nice and sexy video.

    • I’m hoping it gets a lot of airplay…not that he needs it these days, his album sales are doing amazing things! I’m REALLY excited though that he’s decided to tour into the Fall…he’s stopping by nyc later this year!!!

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