Rinse Cycles

curlIt’s fun watching my hair try and be brave in the face of 90 degree weather.  The past two days here in NYC has been Hoooooooooottttt!  That’s it.  Emphasis on ALL three letters. H.O.T.!  I have no air conditioning in my place, so I’ve been a bit lathargic…lol.  Gracias, Summer has made an appearance! Ughh…forgive me if this post is slightly off kilter…I hate to reiterate….but it’s hot;-).

Anywho, I should really give my hair a gold star for being on my side over the past few days.  Frizz has been kept to a minimum, and  we’re all still happily moisturized in all areas that count.  This week I started with another Pre-poo using Nature’s Gate Jojoba Condish.  I haven’t met a conditioner from this line that my hair hasn’t loved yet, and this one is no exception.  Super moisturizing, perfect for pre-p00 or co-wash purposes.  Followed with Chagrin’s Olive Babassu Poo Bar.  DC’d with the rest of my Aubrey Organics Island Naturals( btw, the smell of this is spicy, courtesy of the All Spice)…detangled and left on for an hour.  Detangling this week saw less of my Denman and more of my wide tooth comb though.  My hair hasn’t been as knarly and knotty over the past few weeks, seems the Denman is something I don’t necessarily need, but I just rely on it as my crutch.  I detangled the ends with the wide tooth comb, and slowly work the Denman once over to ensure the entire section of hair is coated with condish.

herbCold rinsed, then finished with a homemade hair rinse brewed together a few days ago.  A quick mix of Horsetail Extract, Burdock Root Extract, and Agave Nectar.  Both the Horsetail & Burdock root herbs were brewed in sashes for 15-20 minutes.  The Nectar added to the mix 10 minutes into brewing.  The Horsetail aids in eliminating scalp buildup and strengthens the elasticity of hair. Burdock Root is purported to be an antiseptic, helping to heal dandruff and overall health to hair.

*When Burdock root is infused with hot distilled water it releases the Burdock root mucilage (slippery plant proteins) & oils which helps to promote effective recovery of scalp irritation, supplying nutritional support to the hair follicles and sebaceous glands hence promoting natural hair growth.




The final rinse  came out amazingly well!  The added nectar gave the rinse an unmistakable slip and moisture.  Before using, I tested a bit on my skin and found it left  behind soft & supple skin! Measurements are what I’d call ‘eyeballer’ measurements, but there was enough to fill an 8-11 ounce bottle (I re-used an old Oyin Honey wash bottle).  I did go easy on the nectar, not wanting the end result to be sticky and leave behind any residue on my hair.  Because the rinse is ridiculously easy to make, I’m planning to add to my rotation.  It’s easy to make, store and set aside for whenever needed.  It also doubles as an everyday hair spritz/refresher!  The herbs used in the brew, I purchased here in BK, over at Back to the Land, one of the best and ideal places to find countless herbs, oils & organic care for all your hair/body needs.

To twist, Darcy’s Styling Creme over the Lemongrass leave in/detangler.  Air dryed because there was noooooooooooo way I would go anywhere near a hair dryer in 90 degree heat;-)!! The Styling Creme does increase the drying time for my hair, yet the results in the morning are always WELL worth it! It’s Tuesday and I can’t complain about moisture problems….yet.  More hair rinses to come, if you have any recipes to share…..;-)!



*info via anitagrant.com


4 Comments to “Rinse Cycles”

  1. Wow! I’m glad your hair is handling the temps well. Sorry to hear about the heats effect on you. Hope you’re doing your best to stay cool.

    This is really hyping me up more to do my own herbal rinse. I can’t wait to get more herbs.

  2. Your herbal rinse sounds great – thanks for sharing :o)

  3. I never knew about using herbs on my hair. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I’ll get the nerves to try. :o)

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