Hair Update


Happy Saturday!

It’s been a funky couple of days….weather wise/hair wise.  The hot weather has forced my hand, putting my hair in all kinds of up-do’s, and pull back looks.  So what initially began as a regular rockin twistout, 4- 5 day wear, turned into fall back on gel mode. I can’t say I minded a heck of a lot, most certainly because I had moments ( 95 degree temp moments) NaturalCoilsCurlingJelly3where I just wanted to shave off ALL my hair for the sake of gaining some sort of relief. 

Yesterday, I gave in and decided to lightly co-wash before slicking the hair back with some gel.  This was well into the a.m. before running a few errands in the monstrous heat. My hair was still slightly damp before stepping outside, but a couple hours later coming home…the frizz and dryness factor were having a party a top my head.  But thankfully, my latest mini-product haul arrived from Darcy’s Botanicals!

In my box were my Vanilla Styling Creme, the Peach Kernel Hair Milk, and her new Natural Coils Curling Gel.  With plenty of time to spare for the rest of the afternoon, I decided to sample the Curling Gel, using the shingling method. Full Review of the Curling Jelly tomorrow after I’ve worn it to work and out in the natural elements.  But going on, it did feel moisturizing.  The smell…kind of like a peachy/fruit punchy drink.  Pleasant, but not overbearing.


Anywho, this was a quick checking in before heading off to work.  Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

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