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the-september-issueHaven’t seen the sun all day. Boo. This nasty rain has taken over the sky & I’m once again biding time before heading out.  The September Issue opens today in limited release, and I’m soooo excited to run out and see it! I purchased tickets yesterday, because in a city like NY…you just never know.  So later this evening I’ll be tucked away in a dark theatre enjoying the wails and trials of both Anna Wintour and the FAB Andre Leon Talley.  Try to think, ‘A Devil Wears’ Prada come to life and you’ve got the makings of this documentary that follows the editors of Vogue Magazine as they gear up for the ‘bible,’ a.k.a., The September issue.

There’s always a takeaway from most documentaries, and what I’m banking on is some natural entertainment as well as an inside look into the makings of a success story.  I admire Ms. Wintour’s moxie and determination to make Vogue magazine what it is today, and while the majority of us are still in the throws of this great recession, inspiration to follow your dreams and aspirations is much needed.

So it’s going to be a day of fun….and Youtube! I’m catching up yet again on some of my fav youtubers and their product reviews; I did stumble upon MANY new channels with fantastic natural ladies offering great advice.  But on a day like today with it’s gloomy ways…it made me smile when I came across this lovely lady.  Her excitement is nothing short of contagious, and if you’re a product junkie…or just someone who enjoys the prospects of getting packages in the mail, you’ll no doubt appreciate her enthusiasm.

Check her out!

4 Comments to “Natural Enthusiasm”

  1. I hadn’t heard about the movie. I’m sure it’s because I’m in the midwest and we can be tad bit slow on things. However, I would like to see it. I was stuck seeing The Final Destination 4 in 3D with my son. 🙂

    How was the movie?

    • the movie was suprisingly good! There were many funny moments, a lot featuring Andre Leon Talley, but for the most part it was great watching what goes on behind the scenes of a succesful empire. Wintour is anything but a wallflower, she commands respect and you really have to admire that…I’d love to watch it again actually…lol

  2. I just checked out her video and really enjoyed it… went to for foki site and found out the same day that video was posted, her husband fell ill and died… 18th Mar,09

    so sad.. hence why she hasn’t posted any new videos

  3. Oh no! I had no idea…I’ve been wondering why she’d gone MIA…her spirit is so infectious, I knew something bigger was keeping her away.

    Thanks for letting me know, I hope she’s doing well. awww man…

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