Hair Strategy

curlThis past weekend, as much of a blur as it was, allowed me to bring it all back to the idea of keeping it simple. Time was not on my hands as far as the hair went, yet ingenuity and carefully placed hair pins were lovely substitutes! Simple is as simple does & Sunday found me little time to start early and end early with my hair.  Instead, I did a rushed co-wash with Trader Joe’s Refresh Citrus Conditioner fortified with Vitamin C, a nice creamy/thick conditioner ideal for quick co-washes…and for 2.99 ya can’t beat the price! Nixed on Poo’ing the hair or DC’ing, and headed straight for styling with Darcy’s Botanicals Vanilla Styling Creme.  No leave-in conditioner this week simply because it would’ve taken my hair double the time to 017dry.  Twisted with the Creme while removing any extra moisture, and blow dried on a low setting until the twists were still slightly damp, yet still holding their shape.  Instead of separating the twists, I loosely gathered each undone twist into a back bun.  Gathered on the top, and then on the bottom, I pinned my damp hair and walked out the door.

The bonus to this method, was my hair’s ability to air dry while walking and carouseling through the city.  Reaching home later that night, my hair was fully dry, unfrizzy and still well moisturized because the twists were held securely in place by a dozen or so stratigically placed bobby pins. My only regret was not taking pics of my updo! Typically, my hair is worn out and loose, I think what’s really my signature coif as of late.  Yet Sunday was cuteness with the up-do! Next time for sure, and their WILL be a next time…I’ll take pics to document what I know my hair is capable of, a slightly more sophisticated look.  Sometimes a girl just has to try;-).

Q-Tip MJ Tribute-8-29-09Without DC’ing or using a Leave-in this week, my night routine did change.  Instead of piling the hair atop my head with a scrunchie or making two puffs on each side of my head, I opted to twist the hair at night, adding a small amount of Darcy’s Peach Kernel Hydrating Milk to the hair, especially concentrating on the ends.  Twisting for Monday was easy, and the hair held up much better than expected.  Tuesday I repeated the process, but instead turned it into a Curly Fro by twisting then using foam rods at the ends. Rather than having spirals well throughout, my hair formed loose, well moisturized waves with loads of body and shine!

To follow up for the rest of the week, I plan to twist nightly and continue to hydrate with the hair milk.  So while thisQ-Tip MJ Tribute-8-29-09 weekend was a bit of a blur, it was AMAZINGLY fun! If you were in NYC, perhaps you were LIVE at Spike Lee’s MJ party in Prospect park?! I had work during the day…unfortunately, but have friends and co-workers who’ve sworn to a good time! My highlight came after work, attending the Q-tip bash in Times Sqaure celebrating MJ’s birthday with DJ Spinna and DJ Ronson.  I really did have one of the best, high energy nights in a LOOOooong time.  Nonstop MJ music…a few Q-tip throwbacks…cuz, of course he’s the host/MC, and great friends made the night truly special.  I came out of the Nokia Theatre with a Halo of frizz and sweaty pits, but I’d do it allllll again;-)


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