Alright, so it’s that time of year when you really can’t fight it anymore…it’s time to ditch the cute sandals for laced up kicks and closed toe shoes, layer-up that short sleeve blouse with a denim jacket or light sweater, and reassess the hair products you’ve been using over the past season or so.  I’ve done all this before, nothing new…but the feeling of being right back at square one is sort of hanging over my head.

I’m sorting through a lot of my old hair products, most that I haven’t used for whatever reason, or simply don’t know how to repurpose.  I’ve used perhaps…2-3 applications of each, but always find myself scratching my head, wondering where it is I could’ve gone wrong.  After carefully reading the labels, listening to other ppls. product reviews…I’m always just a bit disheartened to find that I could never get the product to work for me!

So! Instead of relinquishing defeat, I’m choosing to embrace a new season, and a new way to possibly incorporate it into my regime.  Somehow….SOMEWAY, these products will be used! I have several in my stash to go through, but today I’ll begin by featuring just one while continuing to feature others sometime down the line.

These are products that:

  • After following the directions still don’t understand it’s intended purpose
  • Spent too much $ on to either throw away or swap
  • Like the ingredients (for the most part) & want to hitch a ride on the love wagon


If anyone has used this before with moderate success, DO hit me up! I’ll be grateful for any suggestions;-)!


2 Comments to “PSA”

  1. Never used this product, but it sounds like the perfect product to reinvent. How about a spritz for those days you don’t feel like doing anything to your hair. Add some spring water and aloe vera gel and you’re good to go.

    • Aloe vera does sound like a great idea! The two things that do work very well on my hair are aloe vera gel and shea butter, but usually mixed with something else. Great suggestion, thanks!!

      *glad to see u back;-)!

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