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curlAlright, so the plan is to bust through this post, just to get back in the flow again.  With the whirlwind of grad applications behind me (yeah, fingers crossed!), I was sitting home yesterday at a loss of sorts…trying to figure out what I’d done to my hair just a week prior.  What I know for sure is that over the past week or two, time wasn’t all that friendly, and I did scramble some to do the do.  I also think part of the reason my memory is so blurry is because I really hated my hair this past week…lol.

I’ve had it in my mind for a minute to do a braid out on my hair, something I seriously hadn’t done for many years.   Yet for some reason, the crazy part of me decided to attempt a braidout with hardly enough time for my hair to dry for the next morning.  I’d lightly co-washed, no DC, finger combed/detangled rather than using the Denman because my ends are beyond knarly.  So in essence I was attempting a braidout on poorly conditioned, under-detangled hair. FUN!

I used the basics, my Darcy’s Botanicals Lemongrass Detangler underneath the Madagascar Creme.  The problem was the actual braiding! I haven’t used three strands to do ANYTHING with my hair for YEARS! I figured it’d be just like riding a bike…la de da…da. Alas, a big fat NO! 

First of all, when braiding, the hair needs to be smooooooth. Detaaaaagled. I’ve been repeating this in my head over the past few days, particularly when it came time to style my hair in the morning before work.  My struggles this past week had everything to do with my lack of insight, and the only thing helping me to try this style in the future would be to practice!

What I’ve also been fighting for the past few weeks are tangled/fried ends.  Without a deep condition and proper detangling, my already brittle ends that’ve long been in need of a trim, were beyond help.  The braidout was a great lesson learned in that I was able to elongate my hair without a blowout.  I LOVED the look of the braidout, yet the time…the TIME it takes to braid, and subsequently unbraid the hair the following day or few days…it’s defintely time consuming. A big part of me wishes I’d had the gumption to try this early on during the Summer!

In essence the braid out did not last until wash day yesterday, so I ended up lightly co-washing again Friday night, twisting with AOHR mixed with water, then applying KBB Milk to the twists before drying.  I had a fun curly fro for work the following day which was easy and fun.

Going into Sunday’s business, I had full intention of changing the game plan.  With colder weather creeping in, it was sort of inevitable, yet my adjustments are forcing me to give up old favorites and to also try new techniques.  This week I’ll begin to outline the new tools I’m falling back on, retiring the ‘ol Denman, and new products I intend to use going forward.


6 Comments to “Game Plan”

  1. Yeah…I feel ya. When my hair was shorter, braid-outs and two strand twists were my faves! Now it just takes too long but it’s still such a great protective style…just have to do it like you said, when we have the time to commit. 🙂

    • Yep! I usually have patience, but it’d been a long while since I tried to braid my hair. LOVED the look, but for next time, I have to set aside an afternoon, or even morning to braid and let dry

  2. Good luck (grad. appl.)!!!! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be incorporating into your routine as my ends right now are a hot mess. Why are you retiring the Denman?

    • lol, your ends are looking ragged too! I think for me, it has to do with my hair just getting a bit longer and me not affording the patience to detangle it properly. I’ve been overusing the Denman slightly by tugging too hard, and I’m noticing a bit of breakage at random parts of my hair:-(. I’m trying new tools to see what could effectively detangle, which is hard because I have thick, coarse hair and no measely comb will do…lol. I’ve broken my fair share of combs in the past, so It’s usually a dozzy finding something that works…but I think I’m on the right track;-)!


    Ugh, my hair is too long for a wash and go and is heading for protective style city until it gets long enough for buns and pony tails. I am not excited for EXACTLY the reasons you stated above. 😦

    • lol, thanks Alice!
      Yep, the in between stages are nothing short of frustrating, but I’m starting to think it’s just mostly about adjustment. My hair’s getting longer, and I’m being so stubborn! I don’t want to spend added time on my hair, but in the end I just might have to if I want it to be healthy. But like you said protective styling is a good option….just have to find the right one;-0!

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