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solange-oprahI won’t admit to a building of anticipation over the upcoming release of Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair, but I am growing increasingly surprised how the media & press  are choosing to cover this topic, from the NYT article a couple weeks back to Tyra Banks’ premier episode talking about ‘real hair.’ Convoluted and at times biased…at best, I can’t see the trend ending any time soon.

I didn’t touch on Tyra’s ‘big reveal’ episode because in the end…‘it is what it is,‘ many women’s hair experiences are relative to their lifestyle, upbringing, varying influences in their lives (professional or personal),  etc..! But when you can factor in one of the biggest influences in American culture to date…it MUST be recognized.  On Wednesday, September 30th y’all, Chris Rock is set to chat it up with our main femme Oprah about his soon to be released documentary, & rounding out the show’s theme will be a Q&A discussion with Solange!

I’m excited because…really, if you want something done right, go to the right people and Oprah is emphatically the gal for asking the right questions WE want answered, and if I’m not mistaken that may very well be her philosophy on interviewing.  Chris Rock and Ms. O have always had a great dialogue relationship on screen, so it’s already a given we’ll be treated to a fun show! Enter in Solange and we’re almost guaranteed hair hot topics for a solid week or two!

Oprah is set to  share her hair experiences with audience and viewers as well, and my interest will be in the feedback after the show.  So check out the forums on if you dare after the show, and no doubt hit up the natural hair blogosphere for opinions galore;-)!


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  1. I.MUST.SEE.THIS.MOVIE. if for nothing else than the fact i think its going to be hilarious, informative, but funny, come on its Chris rock, you know hes gonna bring jokes 😀

    • lol, I’m with you too! It’s funny because a lot of my friends who don’t have natural/textured hair were sweet enough to let me know about the movie, asking if I’d love to see it with them!

      • I’m interested in seeing the movie and the Oprah show as well. I’ve read some reviews of the movie from other ‘naturals’ and so far they are not good at all – but I will still go and see for myself.

      • I’ve also heard bad reviews for the documentary, but I’m trying to hold on until I see it for myself. I don’t want my expectations to be through the roof though…what I’m hoping for I guess is to just get the conversation started…get us all on the path to self acceptance.

  2. I’ve been a Chris Rock fan for a while but in addition to the fact, the subject of this movie seems pretty intriguing. I’ll be checking it out.

    • Sweet! Let me know how you like it/whether you enjoy it or not. But like Laquita mentioned, mixed reviews from all over the internet since it premiered, which I think is unfortunate. Still can’t wait to see it, I love Rock & I love to laugh;-)

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