The Limited Return



Working on this weeks post, but wanted to alert any  Lady NYC’ers out there to this FANTASTIC opportunity…to SHOP!!  A couple months back I became terribly disheartened when one of my favorite women’s wear stores closed up shop in Long Island, the only spot in the New York area I was willing to travel for decent/affordable work pants and crisp white button down shirts.  THE LIMITED long closed it’s doors in the NYC metro area, yet I always had my great escape out in the burbs.  This past year that all changed and I seriously contemplated heading to my parent’s home in FL to do some yearly/work related shopping.

Amazingly though, THE LIMITED’s decided to plant a pop up store in the middle of SOHO for 4 days only! From October 14th – October 17th, we can shop for affordable ready to wear clothing/accessories/bags/BLING and have fun doing it! I can’t wait!  If you’re in or near the NYC area do yourself a favor and stop by, this store never fails to disappoint! Traditionally Pop-Up stores stock the best of the best in inventory so I’m thinking I won’t have to trudge far and wide this winter for a decent priced chic/coat!



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