Much To Do of Nothing


Alright, so I can’t lie.  I’ve been procrastinating summing up this week’s process because Monday morning left me with a bitter taste in my  mouth.  I will backtrack in summary:CQCustard

  • Prepoo: V05 Moisture Milks Conditioner
  • Poo: J/A/S/O/N Vitamin E with A & C Shampoo
  • DC:  Millcreek Botanicals Aloe Vera Conditioner (added Babassu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E oil, Tea Tree Oil, Honey)
  • Style: Leave-In/KBB Hair Milk & Curls Curly Q Custard


So, that was the gist of the process this past week.  Finished at a decent hour…2ish in the p.m., and went out to air dry my twists. I have to say though…before heading to bed Sunday night I had a sneaking suspicion something was amiss with my routine this week.  It was just a hunch, so before going to bed I added a bit of castor oil and Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding. A LOT of product to add to hair on first day, but to actually see my hair is to know of the predicament that awaited me in the morning…and oohhhh was it….interesting.

Okay, so there was frizz…not really unusual…a slight bit of stiffness from the Curly Q Custard…fine.  But my ‘bad hair day’ undoubtedly consisted of the driest, most brittle hair I’ve yet to experience this year.  I kid not…I dared not initiate any HIFS for fear of breaking off any strands.  The front edges of my hair were so dry and brittle to the touch I began strategizing a way to salvage the do while at work.

Once reaching home, I headed to the bathroom armed with three things:

  • Jane Carter’s Revitalizing Leave-In
  • Curls by Sisters Smith Wet Set Pudding
  • Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding

janecarterSprayed the dry nest with the Revitalizing Leave-in, emulsified the wet set pudding in the palm of hands along with a dab of Oyin’s Pudding and applied to hair.  I retwisted the entire  head of hair, and hoped for the best in the morning.  This morning I breathed a hefty sigh of relief and found my hair fairly moisturized all the way down to the ends. I aim to remoisturize and re-twist into larger twists tomorrow evening for the start of Thursday. 


My choice of Shampoo this week was probably the biggest mistake? It contains NO sulfates which drew me in, yet as I was washing my hair after pre-pooing, I knew I wouldn’t be using it in the near future.

Styler this week, a new product I tried from the Curls line, the Curly Q Custard.  Formulated for coarse curls, this curl cream provided VERY little hold and added virtually no moisture to my hair.

Okay, another factor, which is probably the most annoying factor because of it’s inevitable nature…is the weather.  Cold temps have crippled my hair with dryness over the past few weeks.  Is anyone else experiencing an excess in dryness these past few days? I doubt it’s just me, even before getting to the train for work, the winds are WHACKING my twists back and forth…it’s not hat season yet is it? Protective Styling just might be in my future….


Et fin!


4 Comments to “Much To Do of Nothing”

  1. From October to May, the weather KILLS my hair. I’ve been heavy on the moisturizing and I’ve been co-washing about twice a week, but I am worried that as the weather gets colder and drier my hair will suffer greatly. So, like you, protective styling is in my future. I’m heading for my braids at the end of month and will rebraid in January. I’m thinking about getting a wig too — I’m a little wary of that, but why not? I prefer do that than try to brave this weather.

    • I was seriously considering getting Kinky Twists last night, because I really didn’t have the energy to tie up hair that was sooo dry…lol. But before I take the plunge I’m going to try a few different moisturizers, and maybe just go back to a simplier routine. I also think shampooing may be out of my immediate future, at least for the winter. I think that might’ve been the worst thing I could’ve done for my hair. Never tired wigs though, and you’re right …why not! I saw a youtuber the other day wearing a REALLY cute curly fro wig for the winter, and it really complimented her style;-)!

  2. During cold weather I usually don’t rinse my conditioner out completely. On top of that I use a more intensive conditioner.
    I also apply oil once a week. What I do is I take a quarter teaspoon of warm natural oil and massage my hair from down to straight up to my roots. This does the trick for my curly hair.

    • using oil to condition each week is SUCH the deal! I wish I’d done it sooner. Only purpose it served was really just to seal my ends and moisturize my scalp. But on the hair it really does wonders…favorites so far are Castor and Coconut;-)

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