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hair1Fool me once, shame on me…fool me twice, well then there’s just no excuse.  What am I talking about? Bottom line, I will not have a repeat of the dryness I’ve been experiencing  this past week.  I love my hair…I do, nothing pleases me more than caring for it, dishing about the latest product finds for natural hair, the actual anticipation of trying these products….I honestly ENJOY the whole Process. Yet, what I resent just a tad is worrying about what my hair looks like or will look like in the morning/afternoon/evening.  The energy and effort I put forth into washing/styling each week warrents to me a level of satisfaction that I have come to expect.  I seriously cannot STAND spending more than 15 minutes each morning pinning and tucking, fluffing and teasing my hair.  No time. I work a 9-5 which means I really work a 8:30 to 5:30…if I’m lucky, so I do not have the time to spare.

Dramatist much? Yes. But it’s my hair that’s feeding me crap this week and I’m hitting back.

As far as I’m conncerned Bro Man Winter is here and I was essentially ill prepared for his arrival.  It wasn’t even that long ago, earlier this year in fact, that I established a routine that left my hair fully moisturized, bouncy, SHINNY & happy.  For the most part retaining moisture had never been a major problem for my hair, you can even click here to read me brag on about my Moisture regime featured on BGLH. I nailed my hair care routine down to the teeeeeee!!

Alright, but the past is the past, must move on.  As a certified PJ, this builds my excitement just a tad to try new products and even fall back on old time favorites that harken back to my TWA days.  Should be a treat! This go around the aim is to go for companies and products with a good roll call…meaning word of mouth for the most part has been consistent.  My PJ radar is up and FULLY functioning, so tomorrow I’m hitting up spots (online & in-store) that sell my beloved Curl Junkie, Qhemet Biologics,  Shea-Moisture, Aveda & other Drugstore goodies I’ve been lamenting.  This is no one shot deal though-I am still a PJ on a budget, funds are still precious and frugal on most days.

Really, I’m aiming to spark a trend with my hair this winter and that is to rock the moisture ALL DAY LONG! I’m a persistant thing, stubborn too, so I will get this done this here season. Some fine bloggers and  hair sites are already well ahead of the game, click here and here to read some amazing helpful tips and clues on how to care for Winter hair.  And if anyone has any tips of their own for combating dryness, and product suggestions or techniques, anything that’s worked for you in the past or are trying now, do drop a line in the comment section!


 *thanks to urbansista over @ The Accidental Natural for the link😉

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  1. Thanks for the mention!! I appreciate that 🙂

  2. I am looking for some information on how to avoid or tame the little not kernals at the end of my TWA. They are driving me crazy!!! I don’t know if I am the only person that suffers from this or not I have been looking for info on the matter to no avail. Can you help? Thanks in advance :0)

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