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October 8, 2009

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twitterNot for nothing, but even as a kid I used to take pride in knowing that I was more tech savvy than both my parents… combined. I used to relish in it, particularly when I had to show my even more proud father how to download a file or copy and paste a document. “Used To,” being the operative word. These days I often feel I’m playing catch-up to all the internety things going on out there. I don’t have a MySpace account; honestly I always found that sight a bit scheevy. I was never a party of Friendster, Meebo or that hi5 thingy some of my friends tried to get me to sign up for. In college some moons ago, I did sign up for a Facebook account, something that I still access regularly even today.

New to me though is this whole Twitter phenomena (don’t I sound old!). Apparently, once you ‘Tweet’ you never go back, and once you’ve ‘RT’ed’ another Twitterer, then you’re solidified in the game. Now, because I was an ‘outsider’ only just a few weeks ago, I guarantee you I’m aware how…mundane this may sound, but alas a silver lining!

I’m not a connoisseur of the platform just yet, but once I week I do actually look forward to the virtual natural hair meet up! Anyone of you guys know of this?! I’m usually the last one to arrive to the party, but the Twitter meet up happens Sunday nights @10pm via the #naturalhair tag. It’s a great space to tweet it up with others in the natural hair community, share any frustrations (winter/dry hair issues…anyone?), pose any questions…learn about hair care routines that have worked for others…good times! I’ve pocketed some interesting pre-poo recipes already, and hope to implement other tidbits into my weekly routine. The actual chat session lasts for an hour from 10-11, and the only catch appears that you have to sign up for an account. I’ve really come to look forward to it each week simply because it’s the easiest breezy platform to chat it up with other’s experiencing the same hair drama issues as you. I’m tinkering around with the blog, trying to see how I can add the Twitter app. to post some of the tweets, but until then hope to see you @#naturalhair, Sundays @ 10!