Protective Stylin, Yo!

curlI think I’ve finally hit a milestone in my hair this week! Unexpected, but very much welcomed. I’ve been fighting an impending cold over the past few days, took the day off from work just yesterday, and could not muster up the strength to dip my head in water. So while Sunday flew by, & Monday made its appearance, I played it cool and simple by re-twisting my hair last night using a light moisturizing spray.

Last week Thursday, took down the protective twist style, unraveled without separating too much and just let the hair be, probably the best thing I could’ve done. Sunday all day wore my hair up in a pony and tied down, essentially going for the ‘I’m sick don’t care,’ look. Worked great! Monday night found me really with no choice but to re-twist my hair, while I spritzed a bit of Jane Carter’s Revitalizing Leave-In.

That was it! From the time I had my hair up in twists to the takedown, the only moisturizer of choice was surprisingly the Jane Carter spray. My hair was still shinny and relatively frizz free. My biggest concern with skipping my wash day was my scalp. I need that puppy to be prime and cleaned each week to ward off a case of the itchies, but a dab of Afroveda’s Shikakai Oil on the scalp before heading to bed seemed to do the trick. Before donning the bonnet, I did cover the twists with a conditioning cap to seal in the moisture…similar to the baggy method, yet my hair was fully dry.

This morning, I kid not…I walked out the door with what resembled first day hair! Frizz-free, moisturized and shiny from root to tip. I do feel a bit leery about not washing/styling this week, almost as if I’m getting away with something…Yet the results after last week’s hot oil treatment was probably the best thing I could’ve done to kickstart my winter hair routine. It’s been more than a year since I’ve gone longer than 7 or 8 days in between washes, and today marks the 10th day! I’d call it a milestone because I’d long given up on going this long due to my scalp problems.

I won’t lie, my scalp irritations do still exist, but I do believe a happy medium has been found in choosing the right shampoos to cleanse the scalp, the right routine to help eliminate unwanted buildup, and just because I think it’s important to mention…what goes in the body as well. I’ve been carefully monitoring what I eat over the past few months and also hammering down my stress levels…all past contributors to flare ups in/around my scalp.

Essentially though I’m excited! Protective styling is the bizness, and I certainly plan on continuing well into the winter months. Why mess with what works?!

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